Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Maxine has high cholesterol... YIKES !!!!

We tried to get a life insurance policy for me and they called today saying my premium would be more than DOUBLED due to my cholesterol levels.. More than double what it should be..

GREAT..... Now I'm dying too..

Who'd have thought we would be buried together in a "double wide"? lol


Marquita said...

Don't die on us. Who would make embarrassing comments to me and about me? Ü

Pam said...

Thane has high cholesterol too. It is because we're getting stinking old. I probably will have it too but I haven't done bloodwork yet.

Eat oatmeal - that helps lower cholesterol :)

thearringtonclan said...

Ok I'm off to the store to stuff my cart with Oatmeal!!!!!!!!! Gosh I'm getting to be an old biddy !

Pam said...

You aren't getting to be an old biddy.... you already are one! just teasing

I have a year supply of oatmeal over here so if you run out, come on by!

Mary said...

I think allot of us have high cholesterol. They just put me on medicine. You're gonna be ok. LOL