Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Mathew goes out!!!

Mathew with our sweet nieces
Aubrey and Rosy

We went as a family to a pot luck supper at school tonight. It was great to have Mathew be able to go with us all... He did however have to go sit in the van after a while as he looked drained...... poor guy..

Tomorrow morning we go see the Oncologist Dr Nabong at 9:30am... We should know more about the chemo etc etc then.. will update you then..


Maranda Whittle said...

Yay uncle Mat!! Those girls are darling!!

Pam said...

I guess Mathew is enjoying the company of much younger women now (hee hee).

Good luck at the oncologist tomorrow. Did you make a little medical binder yet? I have used those to keep track of everything when we have had medical issues.

Marquita said...

Sooo cute! Both girls aren't smiling tho! Uncle Mat must have smelt funny! Ü