Wednesday, October 15, 2008

One Man one Woman.......... PLEASE !

It is getting pretty scary all this same sex marriage!
I believe each to their own BUT I don't know if any of you saw the article about the teachers getting married in CA and their 1st grade class attending!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OH MY GOSH............ whatever next.. NOT that I am trying to impose my will on anyone BUT PLEASE vote YES on 102..
Thank you Thank you............


Justin & Christa Sherrard said...

i got an email concerning this. A video of the first presidency addressing this matter. I haven't had the chance to watch it. So i dont know what the presidency might have said...but it isn't possible that same sex marriages could occur in the temple? State marriage laws and Temple ordinances are seperate!

Marquita said...

Yes on 102... all the way. Wow, I just realized that it's been 4 days since you've posted something new. I think that may be your all time record!!! Ha Ha!