Friday, October 10, 2008

The porta-cath is IN!

Mathews surgery went great and he felt fine and dandy after..

They put him out totally due to his chronic sleep apnea but he woke up feeling GREAT!!!

We were told to be at Banner Gateway by 8:30am and surgery at 10:30am..

NOT !!!!!!!!!!! They apparently changed the time on us without telling us... he actually went down at 12:30pm..

Could have had an extra 2 hours at home... Thanks though to Melissa and Mom for helping with the children.. TRULY Appreciated...

We just have to wait until the 20th when Chemo will begin!


Britany said...

Glad everything went okay! You guys have just positive attitudes that really come across on your blog - I love it!

Pam said...

Nothing like a wonderful long day at the hospital just waiting around. Glad it went well. I am so glad you have a supportive family and good friends. It makes the pathway brighter for sure.

Susan Zavagli said...

Hi Arrington Clan!

Fran sent me the link!

Glad to see you are in good spirits! Although i don't think you could wipe that smile off Matthew unless it was done surgically! ha!
Looks like the port area healed quite well too, and fast!

I CAN'T BELIEVE that is Jacoby!! Such a big boy!

Keep up the good spirits,..he will be back to loving those bugs to death in no time!! lol.

Josh, Susan,
Jaden & Amaiyla