Sunday, November 30, 2008

Prayers for Susan and Justin Turley

Justin and Brave Susan
After the update last night, I got to thinking that I needed to join in the Fast for Susan as things are not looking good for her..
She has endured much suffering and pain.. My Prayer is that she will not have to suffer much more and that Heavenly Father can give her the peace and comfort she needs... Justin has been a saint with the updates and our Prayers go out to him also and the families involved.. It has made Mathew and I understand just how blessed we have been thus far with his reaction to Chemo. Really, it seems he is doing incredibly well.. Time will tell if the Chemo works and for now we just stay positive each and every day and never cease to marvel at the Faith we have..
Please keep the Prayers coming for both us and the Turleys.. Thank you

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thearringtonclan said...

An update on Susan is that she is not well at all and has gone home with the aid of hospice and husband and parents.. We pray her time on earth is painfree and comfort knowing she is loved by many and has touched the hearts of many even those of us that have not physically met her..
Prayers are still needed for her and her family.. Thank you