Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thank you to the Galovich family

We got the greatest tasting chilli ever with cheese quesadillas. Also some salsa and chips... PLUS delicious chocolate, caramel, oatmeal slices....

We ALL enjoyed the meal and even MATHEW ate it and loved it too...

Thank you again guys and you are always welcome to our house even if your hands are empty.... lol


Britany said...

I feel so honored to be on your blog!! :)

I am glad you liked the chili. I can't take credit - it is Kyle Bashford's recipe! I will have to send you the recipe for the carmelitas. They are my favorite!

Sorry to hear about the family of 5 kiddos. We will keep praying that your kids come soon!

Pam said...

I am so sad that the 5 kids went to another family. Maybe the kids you are supposed to adopt are not yet ready to be adopted. I'll keep you guys in our prayers. Any child would be lucky to join your family.

I want Kyle's recipe too when you get it from Britany. Kyle is a great cook and the crock pot recipes that I have from her have all been delicious. I also want the Carmelita recipe but I will have to rename the treats "Pamelita's Carmelitas" since that is yet another of my nicknames. Feel free to tease me anytime.

I will make some Spamalamadingdong Snickerdoodles for you soon. I wanted to make them yesterday but Zach had a huge project due and I had to help him way too much.