Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas 2008

Tears of Happiness and a hug and kiss from his boy!
His annual Christmas treat

I searched EVERY store for this and everyone was sold out.. Thanks Santa for coming through for us!

Bikes are awaiting their new owners Max and Ryan
We are so THANKFUL that today we were able to be here together celebrating the Birth of Jesus Christ.. That my children are healthy and Daddy is able to be home and share this day with us.
Roll on next year when Daddy will have the energy to go up North and play in the snow, to go ski and be able to finally endure the cold. These meds he's on sure create havoc with cold temps!
BUT NO GRUMBLING, we are very blessed to have this Christmas day with us all being home together...

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Deb said...

Don't put pics on like that one of Mathew crying. Soon as i saw it i started bawling. I've been real brave and haven't cried probably because my little brother is such a trooper and always putting on a brave face. I love you Mathew and just 12 more treatments and you are gonna be better than new! xoxo