Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Daddy looks like Jesus !!!

and she thinks he looks like Jesus!!
My 3 boys being WEIRD!!

Sholann saw daddy in a wig today that the boys had had out and she said
"Daddy, you look like Jesus" !! too cute.. Mathew looks awful and needs a shave BAD.... but at least he is up and sharing our 14th Anniversary together!
Tonight he is up to having some friends over.. Can't wait... yippeeeee


Maranda Whittle said...

I don't know about Jesus! But I think he looks like Uncle Wayne!

Debbie said...

HAPPY NEW YR!! WE've had sick kids so when they're better we'll be over!

Anonymous said...

I always knew all those Christ-like qualities Mathew has, would show up in a big way! Wow...your almost a twin. :) They say Christ is beautiful.....what more can we say. :) you and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to yall.... its awesome to be married, isnt it! Love, love, love you both! Gina and Chris.... Oh.... and may this new year bring great things into your lives. You all have been a great part in our lives. and huggs to all of you! :)

Pam said...

I think he looks like a rock star, not Jesus. Although Mathew does try to emulate the Savior in his behavior and attitude.

Scary Hairy time at the Arringtons and we are bummed we missed it.

Hope to see you guys soon. We're still digging out from all our luggage and Christmas Decorations. I expect to surface sometime this week....