Friday, December 12, 2008

Jacobys belated 11th birthday party

Jacoby, Daniel, Bobby, CJ, Brendon, Tyler,Tuli, Tala, Scott and Max..
We decided to let Jacoby have a "few" friends over for a sleep over!!!!!!

Turns out there are TEN kids.. and all BOYS...!!!

Tooooooooooooooooo much Testosterone running around.. lol

My nephew Eddie let us borrow a HUGE slide and the kids are having a blast..

The delivery of PIZZA helped quieten them down somewhat so instead of hollering and shouting it is now is muffled screaming!

And to think I was silly enough to get them dessert full of SUGAR..

I think I will be sleeping outside tonight while they sleep IN!!!!!

My baby is eleven...... boo hoo hoo.........

Happy Birthday sweet Jacoby xx


Kyle said...

You are a brave, brave woman! (lol) Looks like fun!

Pam said...

How did I know you'd be blogging before the party was even over?

Thanks again for having Scott over. He has a blast.

Thanks for the gift for Jonah. He loves it.

Thanks also for the mugs. I hope you like the cookies. You can ask me for them anytime and I'll make them as quickly as I can. We gotta fatten that Mathew up a bit. If he eats the same diet I do that should add some pounds....

Pam said...

Scotty slept until 10:30 a.m. this morning. What did you do to my kid? Make him run laps or something? hee hee

The Sherrard Family said...

Aw let Jacoby know we wish him the best for his eleventh year! How did you manage to maintain your sanity that night with so many kids? :)

thearringtonclan said...

It was a blast with all the kids.. They actually did really well and seemed to have alot of fun..
It's great to see kids laughing and joking around... The kids should have all been worn out as they played on the slide forever, then sang for 2 hours... I think they all finally got to bed at 1am!!!!