Monday, December 22, 2008

Mathew is back in the hospital..

Just letting everyone know he is back in at Gateway Banner hospital..
We got a scare this morning when he had rectal bleeding! He was scheduled for a CT scan tomorrow due to an elevation last week with his CEA bloodwork but today they did the CT scan and it came back NORMAL !!!! The chemo might be irritating the colon where they did the resection.. hence the bleeding.
They are keeping him overnight to watch the bloodwork due to the dizziness he has been having.. The rollercoaster goes on !!!! lol
Hope all goes well overnight then he can come home for Christmas.


Britany said...

So glad everything came back normal!!! I hope he comes home quick.

Call if you need anything!

Debbie said...

SO glad it came back normal!
You guys need a nice trip to hawaii when you are done with this!

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear you are in the hospital, but relieved that the test was normal. I don't know of many people as loved as you Mathew...they are coming out of the wood work. I know goofy saying... weird too, now that I think about it. ha... But, you have so many prayers going up for you. Imagine what it might be like without them. So, hang in there, I am so sad you feel so bad and especially during the holiday season. Keep hanging in there. This too shall pass...and it will be a great day when its behind you. We love you so much. You sound like you are in one awesome ward. What a blessing. Love yall so much! We pray for all of you daily. Love, Gina and Chris

Kyle said...

I am so happy everything came back normal! I hope you guys are home from the hospital soon!!!

Pam said...

Thank goodness!!!!!!!!! We are so happy it didn't spread or anything. We'll keep praying.