Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Mathew is home..........

Sure happy to be going home !!!!!!!
A long story short...... Mathew was told he could go home yesterday (Tuesday 23rd dec) around 8am by the Oncologist.. still there in the afternoon he was told again he was clear to go home by his surgeon... at 6pm I called the hospital and said that I was going to come down there and find the Hospitalist MYSELF if they didn't release Mathew now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wonders will never cease.. The nurse called back and said Mathew was going to see the Hospitalist NEXT.. by 7pm I was bringing him home... Shame you have to get stroppy but don't mess with the MAMA BEAR!!!! lol
Now he is home for Christmas for sure.. yippeeeeeee
Thanks to all who helped us over this period of madness and for the food... Thanks to the Nielsons for the best ever home made salsa and delicious chicken enchiladas etc etc etc... Margo for being there as always to help and for the inspired hubby of hers Bern, to come and give Mathew a great blessing...
The Pecks who continually bail us out.. All who call and offer prayers, the goodies we keep getting (next year I start on a diet) lol
The Masseys for saving my BUTT !!!!!!! ( inside story)
Thanks also to the Dayleys for spending time with us even though it was past Lindas bedtime!!!!
As always.. our awesome hometeacher Kirk who stops by and checks up on us everyday if not several times... Gosh we are blessed..
Thanks to everyone else for all the support and love shown to us..
Family members (like Mom for coming and sleeping over) and ward family alike, friends and neighbors..
Love from the Crazy Arringtons xxx


Meredith said...

yeah! Im glad he is home! We hope you have a wonderful Christmas. You guys will be in our prayers

Brimhall Bunch said...

We are so glad he's home for the holidays. I wish we were close so we could help but you are in our prayers! Enjoy your family all together and have a great Christmas.

Mom HT & Vakri said...

Just wanted to stop by and wish you a Merry Yultide From Mom HT & Vakri (Otherwise knows as Will). Also been asked to wish you a Merry Christmas from Paul, Shelly & Josie. Have a great time from all of us. xx

Lorena said...

I'm amazed at how supportive your friends are. You were blessed when Mathew got to come home for Christmas, but you are truly blessed to be surrounded by such good people. I can't imagine the things you have to be going through. I'm so glad your friends are there to help you. Who needs gifts when you are so surrounded with love. Tell Mathew I love him! and Merry Christmas to you all!