Monday, December 8, 2008

What a long week....

Poor Mathew was so down this last week since the chemo last tues, wed and thurs.. It hit him hard this time and taking longer to "get going"

He was very upset to hear of Susans' passing and it has affected us both deeply knowing we too could be dealing with this if the chemo doesn't work..
BUT we need to be positive and live each day like it was our last and have fun and be surrounded by those we love.

Our friend David was in the hospital this past week also dealing with his cancer and side effects so we have been fasting and praying more than ever. including for Dave and his wife Marjorie... Justin Turley and all of his family..
Jacoby fasted for the FIRST time this past Sunday and I felt proud of him for doing so and know daddy will benefit from that..
I have been busy with our 2 new foster sons so our household is up to 9...
7 kids and Mathew and I.. However it is going great and keeping me busy which I like.
The kids all gathered around daddy last night so I got the camera quickly.. Hope they were looking at something good on daddys lap top!!!!!!! lol
I will try to get busy on this and post more updates..
Thanks everyone for your continued support.. Maxine


Anonymous said...

My heart breaks for Susans family. That is so hard. These kinds of things really make you realize how precious life should never be taken for granted. I love the group picture around Mathew. I know he isnt feeling well, but I also know he loved that feeling! He loves those kids. We are with you Mathew...not physically, but we think of you and pray for you daily. Love you both so much. Gina and Chris

Pam said...

I was so sad to hear about Susan too. She was so young. I hope Mathew's chemo works and that the cancer gets killed off.

Look at your brood of kids! It is like a giant litter of puppies or something! You should have the last name of Walton with all those children (like the Walton TV show with JimBob, JohnBoy, MaryEllen, Elizabeth, etc. etc.). Gotta hand it to you guys that you are awesome parents and great at what you do.