Thursday, December 25, 2008

A wonderful Christmas Day

Donna - Jeff and Ryan
sitting down to the feast

In the kitchen as always! lol

Jeff and Donna.... we luv em !

Putting them to WORK !

It was just going to be the 4 of us BUT things changed when our dear friends Jeff and Donna (and their son Ryan) decided that they would bring some food over and we would cook it here !!!!! We had a great time and so thankful they thought to ask to come on over.. We ate well and played games and chatted and it truly made our day special..
Thanks for coming over ..


Pam said...

Loved all the updates. Looks like you guys had a wonderful time. You are all loved by so many people (including us!). I'm glad I converted you to be an insane blogger like I am. It is a great journaling and communication tool, don't ya think?

thearringtonclan said...

I will remember you always..... YOU taught me how to BLOG.. yippeeeeeeeeeeee