Friday, December 12, 2008

The Woolfs came back Yipppeeeee

Our dear friends came to see us tonight after not seeing them for 6 years!!!
It was just like we had never been apart and picked up from where we left off.
I used to look after Ally when she was a baby (cutest little girl ever)..
Leah arrived 1 year before Jacoby was born..( I got her to drink from a bottle)
Allyson used to call Jacoby her "brother"...

Anyway they have grown up to be beautiful.
Bonde hasn't changed at all BUT Simon... well... he's still Simon !!lol
When we got together to play games many years ago whoever won had to do the "victory dance" and YES Simon WE won at times!!!!! I remember doing my own victory dance.. lol
Leah had fun being with all 10 boys tonight.. they enjoyed her ALOT!
Ally stayed in and visited with us..
Thanks guys for coming over and we have to make sure it's not another SIX years before we get together and beat you at the games! We're ready to do our victory dances....


Pam said...

I like doing the victory dance too. Let's play games after the holidays so I can do the victory dance again. Yes, that is a challenge! hee hee

I try to be a good sport when I play games but my competitive nature makes it hard to be a good winner OR a good loser!

thearringtonclan said...

after Christmas we WILL get together so we can all do our victory dances!!!!
We'll let you WIN a couple of times... lol