Sunday, January 4, 2009

Friends and more friends..

Our very dear friends Karen and Kirk
Saturday we were graced with the presence of Jeff and Donna who brought us a great spaghetti and meat sauce dinner with scrummy garlic bread..
Played games and chatted until LATE !
As the night went on I developed a BAD cold.. Not able to breathe and terribly congested.. YUK..
Sunday after a yucky nights sleep Mathew woke me at 12 noon to see if I was alright! Sadly, none of us made it to our 1st Fast and Testimony meeting of the year 2009 which made me very sad.. Stinking colds are awful.
After a HOT shower to rid myself of as many germs as I could I went downstairs to visit with the Wilkinsons who as always keep an eye on us and stop by..
After hot chocolates for us all (but Kirk) we let them go home to their non bug , viral, bacterial infested home and I "chilled" for the rest of the day.
Thanks to the sweet Dayleys, Linda brought us over some GOOD homemade chicken soup and her fantastic rolls she makes.. What a friend!
Always ready to take care of us...
Later our 3 kids who we fostered for 8 months came to visit with us and picked up their Christmas gifts.. together with their mom Stephanie..
Daddy was THRILLED to see his BABY ( Briana) and the boys..
Before they left, our friends Kristen and Keli came over to see us.
Apart from that Mathew has had a somewhat great week without having to have the chemo and we were soooooooooooooooo glad he got to have a great Christmas and New Year celebrating with our friends.. (and many of them)..
This year is going to be better than ever and we are going to always look on the bright side of life and I encourage anyone reading this to do the same.


Debbie said...

YOu guys are amazing and you are both such great examples to us and our kids!

Pam said...

You guys do look at the bright side of life and that is one of the things that make you guys easy to love!

I miss Briana and the boys. Next time they come visit, can I pop by? I'll bring Snickerdoodles...