Saturday, January 17, 2009

A fun night

We had a wonderful evening with Karen, Kirk, Pam and Thane. We ate steak with all the works.. then played some games.. What a great day this has been. We took Jacoby to see Twilight this morning as Mathew was up to going.. We then planted some flowers to help bring some color to our front yard.

Tonight we had friends over and then to top it all we got to see our BEAUTIFULLY decorated bedroom.. What more could we ask.. This is a



The Sherrard Family said...

I wanna see pics of your new room!

Pam said...

That was a fun night! Thanks for having us.

Your bedroom is gorgeous and the woodwork is just fantastic.

And about your comment about getting more blog hits than me.... that is because your blog is public and my blog is "private" and I only allow about 75 people total to look at my blog. :) Glad you are enjoying your blog.