Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Sabbath

Today, Mathew was too sick to go to church or rather way to weak and tired.... So....... I got all 6 children up. Got them fed, dressed and out the door in time to get to church before Sacrament started.. (Thanks to the Roberts for saving us a seat) 9am start is GREAT unless you have all the kids to get ready.. 4 of which had never been to church with us before.!
Uncle Jeff came to our ward also today and helped with the kids ! Thanks.

Anyway it was wonderful and ALL the children after church told me they loved it and wanted to go next week! It was well worth it.. The talks were awesome and uplifting.. Thank you guys!

Mathew finally got up tonight at about 7pm just in time to kneel in Prayer for our family prayer.. (Kirk Wilkinson was here too so he joined us also)

Off to bed with all the kids and a nice quiet night for us adults.. Can't beat that.


Lisa said...

I remember those days; with 6 kids to get ready for church and Pete being bishop it seemed to take a herculean effort every Sunday to get to church with smiles on our faces! I'm glad you made it and you looked beautiful! I hope you are both rested and feeling better today.

Kim Miller said...

Hello you guys, I hope you are feeling better today. As much as you can, at least get outside and do a small walk...even if it's a couple houses down the street. It really helped me regain my strength. There were days I didn't want to get up and moving and my husband would drag me out and say "you have to". I'm glad he and my mom both pushed me on those days. Keep up the good fight! I'm here with you.

Your Chemo buddy,


Pam said...

Maxine, I would be happy to help you with your kids at church (or before if you need me to). Just let me know.

Mathew, Sorry to hear that you are so weak. You are very brave. Hopefully you'll feel better soon and you'll win this war in your body quickly.


thearringtonclan said...

You are such a great friend Pam... Thank you