Monday, February 2, 2009

Back in the hospital.......

The past few days have been somewhat yukky for Mathew.. He went for chemo today and came back throwing up.... He went to take a nap and several hours later I went to check on him and he felt hot.. like 102.1 f hot...
His Oncologist had always told us that if he ever got a temp of over 100.4 f I was to take him to the ER..
Needless to say I called the Dr and he told me to take him straight to the ER..
His fever got up to 102.8 f and he was feeling totally miserable.
At 11:20pm they decided they were going to admit him so they could keep an eye on him overnight. His heart rate was up to 129 per min..just laying there and his headache was BAD!
I will update more tomorrow when we know more info..
a BIG THANK YOU to Pam and her family for letting her come over and take care of the children... It's a BIG job now there are 7 kids.....
We appreciate all the help we get.. for all the help with the children and for the phone calls and all the many Prayers that are said on our behalf.. THANK YOU


Briana said...

Maxine, thanks for commenting on my blog. I will be reciprocating prayers for Mathew, as well. What chemo treatment is he on? I'm glad to hear that his scans and numbers are looking good, despite his sickness. It's no fun. The Lord is forever sustaining us, though, and we get through it!

Also, I'm amazed at your ability and willingness to take on foster children. It's obvious the children that come to you are sure to feel loved and protected!

Pam said...

I hope Mathew feels better soon. Let me know if you need me to come by tonight.

By the way, babysitting sleeping kids is not particularly a hard job. You have those kids trained and they are well-behaved for sure (except for the cute little one that likes to sneak out of his room to look for his sister or eat cookies - after another week in your house he'll be trained too!).

Thanks so much for giving all these extra children the love and security that they need during scary times in their lives. They really love you and Mathew and I'm sure you are making a difference in their lives.