Sunday, February 15, 2009

Update finally............

Madness from the sugar in the cookies.. lol
Wow, time flies and I really need to update this blog...
Mathew is doing well and has been able to run a few errands... yippeeeeeeee..
Today however we did NOT go to Church.. I just wanted a chilled family day and needed some much needed rest to re-charge my batteries!
Mathew got up and made the children pancakes while I snoozed in bed a while longer.. Thanks Daddy!
I cooked a big sunday dinner that we all enjoyed and then tonight Uncle Jeff and Aunt Donna brought us over a HUGE plateful of homemade choco chip/ raisin cookies... which we ALL devoured rather quickly..
We LOVED having you both over tonight and want you to know we LOVE YOU BOTH!
As usual, our dear Hometeacher "popped" by to check up on us.. Thanks Kirk..
Margo brought over some fantastic tasting rice crispie treats.. for Brianna BUT happened to have a spare one in her purse! Mathew and I shoved that down our gullets pretty quickly also! I wonder why I'm getting FAT !????
All in all it was a wonderful day with the children all getting along together and Mathew and I being able to "chill"..
Today is a good day.... Mathew goes for his lab work on Friday then to the Drs next Monday and depending on the outcome of the bloodwork results he will start chemo a week from Tuesday....
Thanks again for all the support you all give to us.. xx

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Britany said...

I was wondering when you were going to update, but then I would remember that I have a hard time updating with just 2 kids and you have WAY more than me! :)

We started the foster care journey today - yipee!

Glad Mathew is feeling better!!!