Monday, March 30, 2009

the fun slide....................

Daddy snatched the mattress they were on so they slid down without it! tee hee hee
Mathew chilling!

What a bunch!!!!!!!
Our sweet neighbors The Turcotts and Trevors dad...
We had a great weekend and had the fun slide delivered (thanks Eddie for loaning it to us) ...
Our kids plus neighbor kids have had a blast on it... Mathew and I even enjoyed it... Here are some pictures of the fun we had..

Friday, March 27, 2009

Straight A student.......

Show off..... takes after his dad..
Straight A student... takes after his mom !!!!!
Darn it..................... Jacoby came home with straight A's again........ We originally said he would get $50 if he got straight A's and for most of the time he would get a B in there but not lately!!!!!!!! He was thrilled to bits and of course we are very PROUD of our boy...

Who does this TAIL belong to???

We had a friend over and as she turned to go home I noticed her tail.... Looked too cute to NOT blog it!!!!

Guess who it belongs to.... CLUE= someone in our ward!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A DATE !!!!!!!!!

Thanks to Melissa, Mathew and I were able to go on a DATE tonight and we chose to go to the movies to see A Haunting in CT.... We ate candy, chocolate and GRAPES for our
Not a great movie but so nice to be "kid free: for a couple of hours.. The second we walked in the door at home ALL 3 kids wanted to tell me this and tell me that.. I need to go see another movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol lol

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Chemo update for Mathew

Today, we went to see Dr Nabong to talk about where we need to go from here.

We talked about how sick Mathew has been getting doing chemo lately and the times he has had to spend in the hospital after a session of chemo.. The problems with his kidneys and how scared Mathew got when this last time they mentioned he might have to go on dialysis because of the lack of kidney function..

The be all and end all is that Dr Nabong is having Mathew go in 3 weeks for a Catscan and bloodwork. Depending on the outcome of the results from both will determine if we need to go on with the chemo or not. Dr Nabong said that because Mathew gets so sick when he has the chemo it isn't a good idea to continue... I asked him what he would do.. He said, "I would STOP"

If Mathew truly is cancer free right now the chemo is doing more damage than good.

He had the 7 sessions and had a very bad time with it and continued none the less....

A month down the road will be our answer to our many Prayers...

We will update when we get the results back from doing all the tests and then we will move forward from that.

Thank you to all that have helped us get through this trial this far! We could not have been as positive as we've been without your love, support and Prayers. THANK YOU..

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


My 3 little boys Ramon,Daniel and Gaspar
oh my heavens.. I SO remember taking these pictures when he came for a visit!!
Our little foster child of years ago turns 6 today..... We had him when he was just over 1 and now our friends have adopted him and he is doing GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are sooooo glad to still have him in our lives!!!

Sunday thru Tuesday

Sleepy boys.....
Jacoby and Jada
Dr Strong (Sharon), Mathew and sweet Jada
Giggling Jada.. tooooooooooooo cute..
We had a wonderful Sunday, managing to get to church and enjoy the great talks by the Roberts family!!!
The Wilkinsons came over for cake (thanks you guys for taking time to visit)..
Later that night we got together around our firepit with the Turcotts and the Jensens and roasted marshmallows and had s'mores.... Thanks for coming over and sharing the fun with us..
Monday night we had Jacobys Pediatrician come over Dr Sharon Strong and her beautiful baby girl Jada.. (visiting from CA)
It was sooooooooooooooooo good to catch up and share memories of the "good old times"
Jada had alot of fun with our children and it was sad to see them leave but look forward to when they come again...
Tuesday, Mathew took Christopher to A Tooth Dr for Kids where he needed to "go under" for a ton of dental work.. It got delayed for more than 1 hour so by the time they came home they were both tired out!!!! The photos tell all....
This beautiful weather just makes me feel grateful for all that we have and for the country we live in (although it is chaotic at present) the birds singing, bunnies hopping and jumping in the grass... What a grand life we have!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hair cuts whoo hooooooooo

Alex...... BEFORE
Tyler.... BEFORE

Bushy Tyler...
Handsome Tyler.... AFTER
Handsome Alex.. AFTER
Alex and Tyler came with their hair "WAY LONG" and we decided they REALLY needed a haircut and with the blessing from their mom, Mathew got the clippers out and got to work...
Before and After pictures coming up!!!!!!!

What a great weekend....

I was told there was going to be chicken AND Steak later BUT there wasn't......... except for US.. I play the Cancer card and hey presto we get chicken straight off of the grill...I was totally delighted and very grateful.....
Briana starting to climb the wall..

Happy dad watching Jacoby sing karaoke
Sharing the table with the Romneys
Wall climber Briana
Karaoke Jacoby with sisters in tow.. Briana and Brianna

Jacoby and his "old best friend" Chandler
Mathew "hanging out" with our neighbor Elizabeth...
Chandler Jenkins and Nicholas Turcott
Hotdog Ryan

Dunked Jacoby
Silly Coby
Dunked Alex
Kirk (best home teacher) and Mathew
Having 9 children was FUN today... With the Datuins here and our 6, we were able to have a fun time together.. Started the day with Scouts for Jacoby and then coming home to swim.
Naps for the little ones and then up and off to the Jnr High for a FANTASTIC Stake picnic with fun and games...
Our kids loved it, climbing the rock wall, singing karaoke, being dunked in the cold water tank, bouncing on the bouncey castles and sliding down the HUGE slide plus playing games and winning prizes along with great food... seemingly prepared by the Santa Rita 2nd ward...
Thank you ALL that made this day a great day for our children and for us. It was good seeing old faces and meeting up with friends, seeing how much the children have grown over the years, mixing with the many people from all the different wards..
The weather was fantastic, the food was delicious and the company was great.. We were entertained all day and just soooooooooooooooooooooooooo grateful to all the members that put in so much work to make this a great day for all...
When we were all getting ready to leave we had the added wonderful surprise of hotdogs, buns and french fries given to us to bring home.
A lady came up to me as I was loading the 5000 into the van and gave me a plate of brownies from the left overs of the fund raiser.. How sweet was that?
For those of you that didn't make it there today, you missed out on a wonderful funfilled day.

Friday, March 20, 2009

My crazy kids... old and new !!!!

Brianna...Jacoby...Alex...Briana and Tyler
The OLD foster kids came HOME for a visit!!!!

Daddy playing kickball..

GO Daddy GO!!!!
It was our neighbors little boys b'day party today and we were all invited..
Daddy even got to play kickball and even ran fast!!! Incredible what stamina you have when NOT doing CHEMO......
What a fun day we are having!

The Lake!

Daddy and Jacoby..
Ryan and Brianna
The clan dipping their feet
Mommy with her little ducklings!
Daddy and his girls. Brianna and Sholann
Mathew and I decided to get up early and take off for Saguaro Lake this morning with Jacoby, Ryan, Brianna and Sholann in tow!! We had a BLAST and hope to take them again during the summer...
It was the most beautiful day for weather and I think we all got to relax somewhat.... unless Mathew decided to stop and start the engine, tossing the kids all over the place..! FUN !

Dream car raffle

Hi to all of you that check this blog! My friends are doing a raffle for a HUMMER and/or a CORVETTE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Check out this site.....

Good luck !

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My new hair cut!!!

Latest haircut
A bit longer
Way short..

Life is fun when not on Chemo

Handsome dude Braxton
Adorable Jared
Ryan flying...
Brianna flying..
Sholann enjoying the swing..
Jacoby and Ryan
Aunt Leslie, Brody and Mathew
Flying Jacoby..and Brianna
Frisbee rules!
Daddy, Ryan, Brianna and Jacoby
Catch it Jacoby !!!
Mathew and I had a great weekend and yesterday, (Monday) we took the children to a park to play.. Mathew took his plane to fly and he even managed to play frisbee with them.......
Today he is running errands.. This is wonderful to see him up and about.. We need to go in this week to see Dr Nabong to discuss whether Mathew continues with chemo or not... It's hard to say he should when he has so much energy when not doing the chemo especially IF he really is cancer free..
We will let you know the outcome..
Enjoy the pictures....