Friday, March 20, 2009

The Lake!

Daddy and Jacoby..
Ryan and Brianna
The clan dipping their feet
Mommy with her little ducklings!
Daddy and his girls. Brianna and Sholann
Mathew and I decided to get up early and take off for Saguaro Lake this morning with Jacoby, Ryan, Brianna and Sholann in tow!! We had a BLAST and hope to take them again during the summer...
It was the most beautiful day for weather and I think we all got to relax somewhat.... unless Mathew decided to stop and start the engine, tossing the kids all over the place..! FUN !


Family....That's what it's all about! :) said...

I love this....I love the kids...the outdoors...the lake...the boat....the smiles...the love! What a great family and it warms my heart to see Mathew....well all of you....getting another chance.... its awsome and our Heavenly Father loves us all so much... this is just further proof of that.... this smile on everyones face.... Go DAddy Go.... I am so happy for Mathew...and for absolutley everyone of you. Love yall so much...this has warmed my heart. Thanks for sharing.

melanie said...

What a perfect afternoon!! I love these pictures, they look like they should be in Family Fun Magazine!

:) love ya!