Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sweet treat!


My Visiting Teacher brought me over a Strawberry yogurt parfait( think that's what it was called) Delicious and yum yum yum.. Thank you Becky..
Thank you to my other Visiting Teacher for having me called into SCOUTS! You little stinker you.. Actually thanks Melanie as I think I'm going to love it....

First day as Den Leader...

I went to the first meeting tonight with the Webelos......... The boys were great and and I know we are going to have alot of fun times................... Thank you to Brothers Rettew and Williams for all the help with your mechanical minds tonight...

Monday, April 27, 2009

A Tribute to Susan Turley

For those of you that may have followed the "story" of Susan Turley, there is a new posting on their website created by her brother. BEAUTIFUL......... Just wanted to let you know.....

Our Sunday guests!

Making a wish!
Here comes the cake.....
Sweet friends Marjorie and David..
Today after church we had our friends David and Marjorie come over to have a meal with us and spend time together.. (It's his 67th b'day tomorrow... MONDAY)It was WONDERFUL.. David is going through chemo also for colon cancer..Next week , after taking a break from chemo he will start up again to reduce the size of the lymph nodes.. Our Prayers go out to him and his wife.. This has been an ongoing struggle for many years. He needs to be cut a break like Mathew!!!!!!! Please keep David and Marjorie in your Prayers.... We met them at the Ironwood cancer treatment center this last year. They are from England so it is fantastic to have gotten to know them. They will always be a part of our family and our lives. It's fun having BRITs around!...
Our Home teachers (from church, they come every month to visit our family) came this afternoon and gave a wonderful lesson.. Kirk visits DAILY!!!!!!!!!!!
Then later while sitting outside watching Mathew fly his plane we had a visit from the Dayleys... On their bikes as usual... Couldn't let them go without a treat... They too are our adopted family... We just love everyone!
The company was great today along with the meal.. Kids behaved apart from Savannah pulling off our entire stock of roses!!!!!!!! That kid!
Life is good and can only get better. Sundays are a day to reflect on Christ and how important He is in our lives.. May we all endure to the end...

Friday, April 24, 2009

High Cholesterol.....

It's back..... darn it... My dad died aged 56 of a massive heart attack due to clogged arteries... NOT something I want to do.... Now I REALLY have to watch my diet....
Cholesterol 250 HIGH
Triglycerides 172 HIGH
HDL 41

I will be taking Lipitor as that is what my insurance will pay for!


Just to let everyone know that Mathews Oncologist told us today that looking at the Catscan and the bloodwork results indicate NO CANCER!!!!!!!!! Mathew no longer needs anymore Chemo.. He will get checked up on every 3 months.. YIPPEEEEEEEEEEE.. This has been a somewhat long road but full of many many blessings.. We can not thank you all enough for the wonderful people you are.. Our family and friends.. THANK YOU for your support, love, Prayers, encouragement, GOODIES!!!!!!!!!!!!...lol

We are SO happy to be back in this awesome ward with our FAMILY... In our neighborhood with our wonderful neighbors... Talk about blessings!!!!! I would NOT change any of the last 8 months because it has helped us to grow Spiritually.. (Oh and PHYSICALLY)..Our trials are sent to strengthen us and build us up to become stronger and mighty warriors... to endure all that has gone and all that is to come.. We want to be faithful servants to our Heavenly Father who loves us and wanted us to come through this with a firmer belief of the Gospel.. How do people endure so much without the knowledge of the Gospel?

I hope Mathew and I can be of service to others, to remember all the help we got and that we can pay it forward........

Thank you all again from the bottom of our hearts for everything ...

Maxine x

Well done Jacoby 5th Grade!

Mrs Lira... Jacobys 4th grade Teacher who he loved (and still loves)
Jacoby with Scott Walton..Both made Academics night!
Daniel Peck made it too but he dashed off somewhere!!
Jacoby with his Pin....we'll keep it and the pamphlet for his baby box!
My BIG BOY !!!!!!!!
I went to Jacobys Academic night last night.... What a great kid and I am soooooooooooo thankful he is MY son.... He has had straight A's the last 3 quarters so he was one of the 40 who made it out of the entire 5th grade classes...... YIPPEEEEEE.... Can you tell we are proud of him....?
Afterwards we took the boys to WENDYs for a treat!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Daniel turns SEVEN today

He was our Monkey boy!
Sweet Dan aged 3

Getting ready for Vacation
Ready for church!
Daniel came to us as a foster child when he was only 3 months old.. Sunburnt from head to toe and still withdrawing from Alcohol..
Bathed him, lotioned him and put new clothes on him and VOILA!!!! A perfect baby boy...
Daddy came home and kissed him all over and he stole our hearts.. We raised this little boy from then until just over a year ago when he was 5 1/2 years old.
He was our ADHD kid with rages but we never stopped loving him as our own.. The Salt River Tribe took him away from us and left us broken hearted and to this day we NEVER give up hope that we will get to see him again even if it is many years down the road..
I loved him as my own and the family love him still and we miss him terribly..
We Pray for him that he can find comfort in his memories of us that he will learn some day that we ALWAYS loved him and ALWAYS will..
Today I pray that anyone who reads this will remember Dan Dan in their Prayers that today if nothing else he will feel our love for him..

Mathew's CAT SCAN...

Trying to be serious!
Daddy and Son... chilling

Today, Mathew went for his Catscan to see if there is any new cancer.... We are praying that all is well and that the bloodwork and results from today come back clear so that he can be finished with Chemo.... On Friday, we go to see the Oncologist, Dr Nabong who will hopefully have some wonderful news for us.. I will update then.. Thank you for the continued Prayers on his behalf...

Time to let the bunnies go wild!!!

Daily rations of salad and goats milk!
Sweet baby... soooooooo cute..

This is Baby.. he will give kisses
Baby and his brother..
This morning, Mathew and I decided it was time to let the rabbits we rescued....GO !!! It was so sad as one of them gives kisses and is pretty tame.... Oh well... let's hope they make it and I will leave food out and water JUST IN CASE they stay on our front!
Time will tell.. This bunny rescue is CLOSED!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Great family reunion...

Remembering to take a picture of the 2 of us!
Great cousins... Kenny and Carolyn with Mathew

Despite still being sick, we met up with family for a wonderful reunion this weekend....
Can't beat family..... It was great food, great fun and great family...
The kids had a blast as we had inflatables set up including a rock climbing wall...
On Sunday we met up again for an ice cream social at Ketas.. then Darla, Ben and the girls came back to our house to eat and visit for HOURS!!!!! It was such fun..
I soooooooo look forward to feeling healthy again and able to enjoy life.. This has been a very slow process of getting back to full health but it's coming I HOPE!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thank you RS...

I was delighted tonight when Lisa Ford took the time to come visit the "sick" and bringing with her 3 plates of goodies.. I actually ate for the first time in days.. A croissant roll with delicious filling and some chocolate covered strawberries!!!!!!!!!!!!! I tell you..... This ward is awesome!

Mama Bear sick

Poor me....
Life sucks ! well BAD health does I mean !
Gosh, What a dreadful week of sickness... ON Sunday I was NOT feeling good and all night Sunday I was awake with the worst cough and aching body EVER!!!
It totally knocked me for six and today I am trying to get up and about again to start getting a LIFE!!!!!!! Just the terrible flu and a cough that I believe will stay with me throughout Eternity!
Don't ask about my kids or hubby this week.. I have no idea what has gone on nor do I care! They are still alive which proves daddy did a great job... lol lol
I feel like the last 8 months of caring for Mathew finally caught up with me as I relaxed because HE was feeling better... Now it is MY turn.....
Thank you to everyone that checked up on me.. Madero ward comes through yet again.. This is the most awesome ward and I think we should change it from "Madero" ward to "Zion 1st" ward!
The love and support is endless and I can only hope when I am back up on my feet, that I can reach out to my fellow members and be there for them.. YOU !

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Our Easter flowers...

Beautiful vase of our home grown roses
They smell as beautiful as they look.
Mathew picked these roses from our front and back yards!! They smell divine..

Dressed for Easter..

Sholann ready to go to Church
Sweet Sho Sho....
Our darling children Jacoby and Sholann
We decided to take a picture before we headed out to church!

Easter egg hunt

All tuckered out....Uncle Jeff..
Savannah with her full basket

Christopher with is full basket
He was finding a ton of them... Slow down kiddo..

Jacoby telling Savannah she was doing a good job..

Found it Mommy..
Brianna helping Savannah!
Go kids Goooooooo
Jacoby being such a great Big Brother..
Running in!
The Easter bunny came bringing gifts today rather than tons of candy!
The older 3 decided that the little ones needed to do an egg hunt so we got a ton of plastic eggs from last year and put ONE piece of candy in each one. The 3 older ones then hid them all in the formal living room.. Later we brought the 3 younger ones in to do their Easter egg hunt and what fun it was.........Even Uncle Jeff got into it!!!!!!!!!!! lol

Wonderful Easter Day...

Our sweet girls
The Clan

Finishing our delicious Ham and Potato meal..
Mathew and Donna getting started..
Today, we were all able to make it to church despite me not feeling to well when I woke up..
Thanks to the Roberts for saving a seat for us......... AGAIN!
Sacrament was so uplifting thanks to the wonderful talks given by the Whatcotts and the most beautiful Angelic choir that sang as if Angels... Amazing.........
Sadly though during Sacrament I started to feel worse and worse and felt like I couldn't breathe too well and my throat was so sore and my head pounded..
Thanks to Melissa AGAIN !!! Mathew took me home to get meds and try to relax a little before I was able to cook a ham and potato dinner for our dear friends Jeff and Donna.
The cough started and got deeper and deeper into my chest until by tonight I am feeling like
We did however have a great visit with friends and now I retire to my bed so I can hope to get a good nights sleep...
Happy Easter to all and may we always reflect on the life of our SAVIOR and bring Him into our lives and to those around us..