Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Daniel turns SEVEN today

He was our Monkey boy!
Sweet Dan aged 3

Getting ready for Vacation
Ready for church!
Daniel came to us as a foster child when he was only 3 months old.. Sunburnt from head to toe and still withdrawing from Alcohol..
Bathed him, lotioned him and put new clothes on him and VOILA!!!! A perfect baby boy...
Daddy came home and kissed him all over and he stole our hearts.. We raised this little boy from then until just over a year ago when he was 5 1/2 years old.
He was our ADHD kid with rages but we never stopped loving him as our own.. The Salt River Tribe took him away from us and left us broken hearted and to this day we NEVER give up hope that we will get to see him again even if it is many years down the road..
I loved him as my own and the family love him still and we miss him terribly..
We Pray for him that he can find comfort in his memories of us that he will learn some day that we ALWAYS loved him and ALWAYS will..
Today I pray that anyone who reads this will remember Dan Dan in their Prayers that today if nothing else he will feel our love for him..


briansarahannah said...

I loved having Daniel in my primary class a couple years ago. He was so sweet to me and such a cuddly boy. I hope he is doing well.

Meredith said...

you guys are saints for being able to do that. you will be blessed, that is for sure. He was such a cutie, i remember him!

deb said...

Dad gum ya! You just made me cry again! Dan Dan if by some small chance you see this website and get to read this, We do still love and miss you very much! Happy Birthday Monkey! xoxo

Coleen said...

He is such a cutie! I see why you fell in love and are still in love. I hope someday he figures out how to find you.

Pam said...

I miss him too. He is a cutie pie.