Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter egg hunt

All tuckered out....Uncle Jeff..
Savannah with her full basket

Christopher with is full basket
He was finding a ton of them... Slow down kiddo..

Jacoby telling Savannah she was doing a good job..

Found it Mommy..
Brianna helping Savannah!
Go kids Goooooooo
Jacoby being such a great Big Brother..
Running in!
The Easter bunny came bringing gifts today rather than tons of candy!
The older 3 decided that the little ones needed to do an egg hunt so we got a ton of plastic eggs from last year and put ONE piece of candy in each one. The 3 older ones then hid them all in the formal living room.. Later we brought the 3 younger ones in to do their Easter egg hunt and what fun it was.........Even Uncle Jeff got into it!!!!!!!!!!! lol

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