Saturday, April 11, 2009

I am slacking.............

A wonderful day of fun to remember..
Ready for Golf..
A group picture after the Bumper Boat ride..
The 3 boys after the egg hunt!
Meeting Mr Bunny
Wow....... where did this past week go????? Flew by..
Just lots of kids over to play and tummies to feed...
Mathew is doing great and seems to have a little more energy each day.. Still NOT able to work yet but there is hope finally.. I'm just happy that he is able to get up each day and have some fun....This Thurs thru Fri, we were able to have the Nunes boys come stay with us and take them to GOLFLAND with us and 4 of our 6 children thanks to AASK getting us a FREE day pass...
We hung out with friends.. Jean and her family for the whole day and the kids had a total BLAST..
They were able to get a FREE Easter egg hunt, arcade games to play. laser tag, bumper boats, minature golf and the slides at Golf Land... We spent 8 hours there and it was FUN........
Today, Saturday we went to a nephews wedding in Queen Creek and met up with a ton of family members, ate good food and came home. We actually went on our own with each other and Melissa Peck babysat... YEA!!!!!!!! 2 1/2 hrs freetime! THANKYOU friend...
I took 107 pictures at the wedding and decided I want to be a photographer.. I have always loved taking pictures but MATHEW has never bought me a decent camera... I used to love to develop my own films years ago...!!!!
Anyway.... it was a great day and tomorrow we are having friends over to celebrate Easter Sunday with us. AFTER CHURCH of course!
Enjoy the pictures..

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Coleen said...

Wow! Everyone looks so great! Golfland looked like a blast. We were going to go there for the Easter egg hunt but it was raining so bad. I'm so glad Matthew is doing so much better. I have to run and get in the shower but I just wanted to say hello.