Monday, April 6, 2009

I missed a few days!!!!!!!

Cousins Kenny and Carolyn
Sweet friend Melissa (she will kill me for this)
Eryn with Savannah, Sholann and Christopher
Nunes boys and Master Arrington!Goofy kids..
Those Walton kids, Pecky boy and my brood!
With being sick over the past few days I had not gotten around to blogging! Tut Tut..
However on Saturday and Sunday we had family over for BURNT BBQ!!!! Mathew also made homemade banana icecream..... yum yum Thanks Babe!!!!
The Pecks also popped over to visit with us...
Our kids plus a few extra neighbor kids had a blast on the slide yet again!!!!!!!!!!! Then we traded the slide for an obstacle course (inflatable).. courtesy of nephew Eddie again! Thanks
No more additions to our ever growing family... petwise!
The ones we have are doing great... Miss Pug is finally eating... Bunnies are growing fast and one jumped out of the bath tub and was checking out the loft for a couple of hours! ..The surviving TEN FISH are enjoying each others company and have decided to behave so they don't get transported to the loo and FLUSH........ AWAY WE GO !!!!!!!!!
Tonight, our friends Jeff and Donna came over to visit us and Mathew decided that telling jokes and cracking us all up was the highlight of the day.. Needless to say I have heard all of the jokes 472 times already!!!!!
Mathew and I later took a stroll to the mail box to pick up the JUNK MAIL and enjoyed the stars as we walked hand in hand back home. AWWWWWWWWW
The children are all safely tucked up in their beds, hopefully dreaming sweet dreams.
Tomorrow is a new day ... I hope it is a good one for all...


deb said...

Great pic of Kenny and Carolyn.

Pam said...

Love that picture of Miss Meliss. So funny!