Sunday, April 12, 2009

Joe and Melissa's wedding day!

Happily married
putting the ring on her finger!!!!!

Daddy and his daughter
The groom to be!!!!!!!!!!
Two great guys.. Joe and his Uncle Mathew
Saturday, Mathew and I went to our nephews wedding in Queen Creek.
Mathews family(brothers and Sister) forgot their camera so luckily we took ours. I tried to snap a few pictures.. It was a wonderful but different wedding and it was nice to get a couple of hours of freedom from our clan!!!!!!!


Maranda Whittle said...

My dad said she wore a black wedding dress! That's different! We really wish we could have gone, but then we couldn't go to the reunion, so we had to choose!

Pam said...

Glad you had fun. That is definitely unique having the bride wear black and the groom dress funky with a cool hat. They must march to their own drum :)