Monday, April 27, 2009

Our Sunday guests!

Making a wish!
Here comes the cake.....
Sweet friends Marjorie and David..
Today after church we had our friends David and Marjorie come over to have a meal with us and spend time together.. (It's his 67th b'day tomorrow... MONDAY)It was WONDERFUL.. David is going through chemo also for colon cancer..Next week , after taking a break from chemo he will start up again to reduce the size of the lymph nodes.. Our Prayers go out to him and his wife.. This has been an ongoing struggle for many years. He needs to be cut a break like Mathew!!!!!!! Please keep David and Marjorie in your Prayers.... We met them at the Ironwood cancer treatment center this last year. They are from England so it is fantastic to have gotten to know them. They will always be a part of our family and our lives. It's fun having BRITs around!...
Our Home teachers (from church, they come every month to visit our family) came this afternoon and gave a wonderful lesson.. Kirk visits DAILY!!!!!!!!!!!
Then later while sitting outside watching Mathew fly his plane we had a visit from the Dayleys... On their bikes as usual... Couldn't let them go without a treat... They too are our adopted family... We just love everyone!
The company was great today along with the meal.. Kids behaved apart from Savannah pulling off our entire stock of roses!!!!!!!! That kid!
Life is good and can only get better. Sundays are a day to reflect on Christ and how important He is in our lives.. May we all endure to the end...

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Pam said...

Sounds like fun!

Kirk is an outstanding home teacher and friend. I think he is a tender mercy in this trial and his support has been invaluable to you. You are blessed.