Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Something fishy is going on at the Arringtons...

WELL......... It all started with Kirk Wilkinson when he brought over a fish in a baggy and a box of "Good and plenty" this afternoon... Giving us this sob story of how he could not look after this little guy anymore and he didn't want to flush him down the toilet!!! Please could we look after him as he knows how nice we are. tut tut.. I knew I was being sucked in..

Then we got another delivery from the Miners and Richins combined.. same old sob story..

Then when we were letting them out of the door there was another fish with Good and Plenty just inside our screen door!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Then another door bell rang and hey presto yet another delivery and a sob story with the Good and Plenty was the Waltons, Scott and mommy !

All having wonderful sob stories.. How could I NOT take these poor little fish? Afterall I was getting boxes of Good and Plenty!!!!
Then knock knock... here comes Eric Nielson with his sweet little sob story and took the fish and PLOP, straight into the bowl he/she went!
Then along comes little miss sweet Carey..... now there is NO WAY you can hurt a little girls feeling by rejecting this poor little fish!!!!!!!!! She said I could change the name if I wanted to!!!!!
THEN LAST BUT LEAST .... I HOPE.... comes along the BIG GUY himself! Thomas Wicke.
WHO by the way I am sure are the CULPRITS for this April Fools joke!!!!!!!!!!
This is just in addition to the TWO bunnies we rescued about 2 or 3 weeks ago from the desert... (Dropped off by the WICKES) as we couldn't let them be snake food... (my kids brought them home to mommy) Mathew went and picked up a Pug that was abandoned and the person couldn't keep her. The vet checked for a microchip and hey presto she has one...
BUT............... the phone numbers are disconnected and the house was empty and in foreclosure.
Now we get to FOSTER her for 30 days and if she is not claimed she will be ours OR we will be finding her a new home!!!!!!!!
7:33pm and signing off... Happy April Fools day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Sherrard Family said...

great aprils fools!!!!!!!1

Brimhall Bunch said...

Man you have an awesome ward/friends!