Sunday, April 12, 2009

Wonderful Easter Day...

Our sweet girls
The Clan

Finishing our delicious Ham and Potato meal..
Mathew and Donna getting started..
Today, we were all able to make it to church despite me not feeling to well when I woke up..
Thanks to the Roberts for saving a seat for us......... AGAIN!
Sacrament was so uplifting thanks to the wonderful talks given by the Whatcotts and the most beautiful Angelic choir that sang as if Angels... Amazing.........
Sadly though during Sacrament I started to feel worse and worse and felt like I couldn't breathe too well and my throat was so sore and my head pounded..
Thanks to Melissa AGAIN !!! Mathew took me home to get meds and try to relax a little before I was able to cook a ham and potato dinner for our dear friends Jeff and Donna.
The cough started and got deeper and deeper into my chest until by tonight I am feeling like
We did however have a great visit with friends and now I retire to my bed so I can hope to get a good nights sleep...
Happy Easter to all and may we always reflect on the life of our SAVIOR and bring Him into our lives and to those around us..

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