Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sorry !!!!!!!!!!

Daddy, Savannah, Christopher
Trying to get Savannah to NOT scream each time we took her into the pool!

My clan minus two!
Yet another week has passed by and I've just not found time to update..
Weird, how when Mathew was so sick I found time hourly to update but now he's well I just find myself so busy! Really I have just forgotten to update so there is no excuse.
Thankfully our lives are wonderful at the Arrington homestead...
The children are out on summer break ! YAHOOOOOO... loving it.. It is so nice to be more relaxed and less routine going on. We've partied, had BBQs, swam, played games..
(Monopoly seems to be the highlight of our kids and Mathews day)
We've played endless games of pool.... had friends over and been to friends houses.. Summer is going to be alot of fun.
Kids are earning their STARS for doing chores...... when they get to 60 stars they get to choose a restaurant to go to with daddy and I.... Thought it would be nice to have some one on one with each child.
Sleepovers are starting so we will need to buy endless supplies of goodies and popcorn..
Ryan starts summer school on Monday for a month and all 3 older kids are being enrolled in a summer recreation program for each afternoon.. NOT that they will be going every day.. But at least they will get to do some fun stuff... PLUS it will give Mathew and I a few hours of peace..
even though Sholann will be tagging along and you never know she might get a play date every once in a while also...
Apart from this... life is going well and we look forward to some sort of vacation in the next month or so.. Camping, CA, hopefully get to a resort like the Westin....
I wish everyone a happy and safe summer...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Where did this past week go?

Time seems to be flying by..
I have been hobbling around still and trying to go here, there and everywhere to keep up with the children..... and trying to win at POOL!!! By the way I slaughtered Mathew a few days ago.. Best I have ever played.. Before we played I told him" PREPARE TO DIE " never dreamed I would literally kill him at the game! lol lol

Mathews energy is coming back slowly but surely which I am grateful for.. He helps SO much with the children and I feel like I am finally getting a much deserved break!
The children all finish school tomorrow which I am TOTALLY excited about.. It's going to be a blast doing fun things and creating memories with them..
Life is good and I'm grateful for everything in my life..

Will update again soon..

Friday, May 15, 2009


Can't really tell it's swollen or bruised much BUT I thought you might like to see the stubs I was born with!!!!!!
SO... this blog has gone from covering Mathew during his bout of cancer to all my aches and pains!!

Last night our 3 yr old was doing somersaults at 9pm still in his bedroom.. I went upstairs to see what on earth all the "thudding" was........ It was him..

I brought him downstairs so I could keep an eye on him and in the process coming downstairs he decided to throw a dicky fit and slammed his feet on the step catching my little toe!!!!!!!!!!

I heard the CRACK before I felt the throbbing!!!!!!!

As I took the next stair I almost fell down and buckled with the pain....

Needless to say my little boy fell promptly to sleep while I laid awake alot with the throbbing of each heart beat in my toe!!!!!

Today it is swollen and bruising. I can hardly put any pressure on it and the pain is just TOO MUCH!!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Who decides to make these stinking HUGE tablets???

Ok. I have H Pylori and I have to take all these meds for it... I can't swallow them... don't even tell me to crush them.. put them in apple sauce... eat with bread or crackers... put them at the back of my throat!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just cannot swallow tablets...
The Dr gave me a second lot of tablets PYLERA as he thought they might be easier to swallow.... They are 1 inch long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! stinking huge......... AND I have to take THREE..... FOUR times a day!
What the heck are they thinking when they make these tablets? So.. ..I try and I gag... If I'm lucky enough to get it down my gullet it decides to come straight back up into the sink......!!
Not a happy camper right now.....AYE AYE AYE !!!!!!!!!!!
I've always dreaded getting sick and having to take meds that are NOT in liquid form...
Anyone know a Hypnotist!???????? lol lol

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day

Sholann, Christopher and Savannah
Jacoby, Brianna and Ryan
My group of 6 kids...
Mathew and I gave talks today at our Church during Sacrament meeting... He wanted me to take time as he didn't think he could talk for too long.. So I left him 6 minutes!!!! lol lol
The children were excited to dress up and go to Church.. Thanks to the Pecks and Waltons for taking care of our brood while we entertained you all!!!!!!!!
The 3 meetings were great and I am so happy that we all got to go and participate in the meetings...

Friday, May 8, 2009

Our baby girl is FOUR!!!!

4 TODAY ! May 08 2009
AGE 5mths..

Jacoby, Daddy and Sholann

Sholann, Mommy and Jacoby

Being COOL!
Peek a boo...

Sholann loves to dress up

Posing.... SWEET!

Smile please!

Sholann turned 4 today and was so excited to take a pink heart cake to school to share with her classroom buddies.

The excitement grew as the kids especially big brother Jacoby egged her on about being FOUR!!!!! Such a BIG girl now..

We have had Sholann since she was 5 months old and she came to us as a foster child thanks to our friend Summer....

We adopted her in November 2006 on the same day our dear friends The Carneys adopted some children.. It was a great day for all...


Thursday, May 7, 2009

All Done !!!!!!!!!

The colonoscopy went much better than I expected... With Mathew's going the way his did.. The pain and code blue call scared me somewhat. Mine went well.. Dr Kaiser was awesome and the staff at Gilbert Surgi center were excellent...

They found 3 polyps (not cancerous) and I have H Pylori !!!! Some meds should take care of that... They took pictures of my insides... Colon, stomach and esophagus..... Yes they went UP and DOWN !!!!!!!!

I'm so relieved there was no Cancer. We have dealt with enough this year...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Ok peeps.......... this was one of the worst days ever......... this foul, disgusting salt water tasting solution was just too much to bear. Having had a couple of pukes and 100 poops I am going to try to go to bed to get some much needed rest!
For anyone out there that is getting a COLONOSCOPY in the near future............
RUN LIKE THE CLAPPERS..................however we ALL need to do this sometime in our life and with them finding Mathew colon cancer by doing one I think it really is the
We will update tomorrow on the outcome of mine.. Fingers crossed all will be well...

The SOLUTION !!!!!!!

Today I have to start drinking the yukky solution to "clean me out" in preparation for the Colonoscopy tomorrow........... YUKKY!!!!!! Needless to say I will be home all day but you'd best NOT come visit!!! lol
OOPS!!!!!!!! gotta goooooooooooooo!

Everything Comes Down to Poo

Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekend catch up..

Ryan the helper..
Jacoby building his own firepit
Weirdo George
Daniel munching..
Jacoby and buddy Scott
Mathew was up to taking Jacoby and Ryan on the campout with our ward this Friday until Saturday and they had a blast.. ME. I got to stay home and look after the 4 other kids. Brianna got an invite to a b'day party on Saturday so she had some excitement too this past weekend..
I have decided that I do NOT like to be left home alone... The fact that I LOVE to camp didn't help matters either.
Saturday night we took the children to our neighborhood Movie at the park night... The weather was beautiful and it was so nice to hang out with the people in our neighborhood.. The movie was ok too.. National Treasure... free popcorn, soda and water.. How about that?????????
Sunday I stayed home with Jacoby who had thrown up several times the night before and continues to have fevers... (had them for over 2 weeks now on and off) We are just a bunch of sickos here...
Brianna, our foster daughter got up in Sacrament to bear her Testimony which I was thrilled to hear about but very sad I wasn't there to listen to her... There's always another time...
Ryan had a visit with his Grandmother and Aunt that he hadn't seen in many years but sadly came home confused so we needed to give him extra cuddles and let him know he is safe.
Apart from that it was a great weekend and we managed to have some "one on ones" with our kids...

Friday, May 1, 2009

Need help?????????

I have been thinking about Domestic violence over the past few weeks and decided to put in my own two penneth worth... As most of you know, We are foster parents and have had over 40 children come into our home over the past 6 1/2 years!
Some have come with many emotional issues due to actions of their care givers..
Some with head lice and dirty bodies .. Some withdrawing from drugs and alcohol...Some with broken bones........ and ALL come with BROKEN SPIRITS!
What we don't understand is that it doesn't take a broken arm or seizures caused from a drug related incident to affect our children..
Even in-utero our babies can sense the emotions of the outside world... being delivered "healthy" but having "Reactive Attachment Disorder" because it doesn't take being abandoned at birth but before the onset of labor!
Our children sense not being wanted... the vibes from mom go to baby.
Worse still is when we WANT children..when we are EXCITED about our new arrival..
We are a FAMILY........ yet there are other ways of making our children feel "UNSAFE"..
Domestic violence is rife... Sexual abuse and child molestation is happening to even tiny babies!!! Pornography is rampant..
When is enough enough???
When do we leave a relationship that is violent?
Who do we turn to?

Where do we go?
There are so many women being battered every day (men also) but dare not leave their partner because they have been broken down so badly and blamed constantly and belittled, threatened, that they feel they cannot or dare not leave for fear of the repercussion from the abuser..
What we need to remember is the CHILD.. The innocent little person who witnesses the terror on mommys face, hears the screams coming from another room... Tries to save mommy from daddys fist! Watches in terror as mommy gets thrown to the floor while begging for YOU to ******STOP******
How dare we as Parents bring these children into this world and then submit them to such violence?? SHAMEFUL!
The sad thing is, is that it doesn't just happen in HIS home or HER home!!!!! It happens in OUR homes.. .. day in and day out..
Men who treat their wives in this manner (especially LDS men) need help and fast.

Pornography is a problem with even the best of Saints!
Men seeking other women OUTSIDE of their marriage (women also) need to STOP now and get help TODAY!
As mothers my plea is that if you are in such a marriage and you think your children are "too young" to understand what is going on... THINK AGAIN! You are destroying these children..
We have to do what is in the best interest of our children.... we cannot submit them to such violence as this will scar them for life in many ways..
There are people you can turn to, places you can go and for those of us that are LDS you go to your BISHOP and you ask for help... You don't leave until you get the help you need..
Do not defend your adult son or daughter if they are in the wrong..... Don't tell them what they want to hear because you are afraid they won't "like you or talk to you" anymore..
The abuser will blame others for everything, they will lie to your face and deny all that they are doing, they will make excuse after excuse about their actions, they will make empty promises,
They WILL HURT you again....... GET OUT while you can... Too many abusive relationships end up in DEATH!
Please, if you are either the abuser or the abused GET HELP... If you don't do it for yourselves do it for the CHILDREN..
Domestic violence is not only PHYSICAL and Sexual violence but also Psychological.
This means intense repetitive degradation, creating ISOLATION and controlling the actions or behaviors of the spouse... through INTIMIDATION or MANIPULATION to the detriment of the individual...

When life gets tough!

I was pondering today about the trials in life that we ALL get to go through during our time here on Earth............. Some of us "get through them" without too much hostility and anger and woe is me type thinking.. Some of us crack easily and "give up full of despair" thinking "we can just NOT go on" We blame others, we turn our own guilt around and put it on someone elses shoulders.. We lie, cheat and make others think our problems are because of someone else......

What a sad, lonely life we would have if we chose the latter.. We need to put on the Armor of God and walk, head up high yet kneel on bended knee, Praying for strength to get through the trials and tribulations.. Be staunch in our callings and put Satan aside, instead of becoming weaker in our Testimonies grab the trial, learn to love them and move forward growing stronger daily and dealing with all that is dealt to us. I am tired of people who continue to Blame others for ones actions, to make out that their life is better than ours, that they don't understand line again! here comes the WOE IS ME again...

Men... honor your wives and Wives ..respect your husbands.. IF they are doing what they should be doing .........."ALL that Heavenly Father would have us do".. Then this is a time to draw closer to one another, closer than ever before.. To help strengthen each other, Build each other up and not knock each other down.. Accept our own faults and repent of our own wrongdoings.. Quit passing the book without reading and learning from what is on the pages....... Go the extra mile "To do unto others as you would have them do unto you."..
Our children are the ones that suffer along with us.. the air full of emotional stress, the speaking in loud voices that scare our children, the belittling of each other, the disrespect towards one another.. How do we expect our children to grow up healthy and strong, both in mind and Spirit if we their tutors don't follow counsel of those that try to teach us all about the great gifts from God that are offered..

Put our selfish feelings aside and love one another, show our children the affection and love that grows abundantly in our homes.. Make our homes a safe haven for those we supposedly love and cherish..

Sundays are NOT about going to Church in our pretty Sunday dresses and fine twine suits.. faces adorned with smiles from ear to ear..... just to return home and start the maliciousness and back biting all over again.....

We ALL go through trials and it is often those closest to us that we continue to hurt..
Time to STOP and take a long lingering look at Who we are... What we are.? ...

Today is the time to START afresh and move forward, REPENT when we need to and STOP being fake..
These are the last days and we need to encircle each other and not leave anyone outside!
We are all given the gift of being a Shepherd.... There is something in ALL of us that we can offer to others and TODAY is the time to START!

Wow........... I feel better now that I have put down my thoughts.. I think they call it THERAPY!!!!!
I Pray we can all try to have faith and move forward with love in our hearts for those we live with... Tone our voices down and raise our Spirits up...
Thank you............