Friday, May 15, 2009


Can't really tell it's swollen or bruised much BUT I thought you might like to see the stubs I was born with!!!!!!
SO... this blog has gone from covering Mathew during his bout of cancer to all my aches and pains!!

Last night our 3 yr old was doing somersaults at 9pm still in his bedroom.. I went upstairs to see what on earth all the "thudding" was........ It was him..

I brought him downstairs so I could keep an eye on him and in the process coming downstairs he decided to throw a dicky fit and slammed his feet on the step catching my little toe!!!!!!!!!!

I heard the CRACK before I felt the throbbing!!!!!!!

As I took the next stair I almost fell down and buckled with the pain....

Needless to say my little boy fell promptly to sleep while I laid awake alot with the throbbing of each heart beat in my toe!!!!!

Today it is swollen and bruising. I can hardly put any pressure on it and the pain is just TOO MUCH!!!!


Amy said...

I hope your toes feel better soon!!

Debbie said...

Oh my heavens!!!

deb said...

Did you beat him??????????? lol

thearringtonclan said...

ha ha ha... it wasn't really HIS fault but I was soooooo in pain I just sent him to the room and hopped around like crazy for 15 ...I couldn't even speak the throbbing was soooooo bad!

Britany said...

That is horrible! I was complaining to the Peck ladies in the library at church on Sunday about a naughty 2 year old and your hubby came in and told me to ask you about your broken toe. Ouch!

We need to talk soon about how to speed up this adjustment period with a new child!!!

deb said...

I did that dream car raffle thing. Is that gonna benefit you guys? I hope!