Friday, May 8, 2009

Our baby girl is FOUR!!!!

4 TODAY ! May 08 2009
AGE 5mths..

Jacoby, Daddy and Sholann

Sholann, Mommy and Jacoby

Being COOL!
Peek a boo...

Sholann loves to dress up

Posing.... SWEET!

Smile please!

Sholann turned 4 today and was so excited to take a pink heart cake to school to share with her classroom buddies.

The excitement grew as the kids especially big brother Jacoby egged her on about being FOUR!!!!! Such a BIG girl now..

We have had Sholann since she was 5 months old and she came to us as a foster child thanks to our friend Summer....

We adopted her in November 2006 on the same day our dear friends The Carneys adopted some children.. It was a great day for all...



Maranda Whittle said...

Holy cow, that was 2006? It seems like just yesterday, wow! Happy Birthday ShoSho!

Britany said...

Happy Birthday Sholann!!!

And congrats on a succesful colonoscopy - yuck! :)