Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sorry !!!!!!!!!!

Daddy, Savannah, Christopher
Trying to get Savannah to NOT scream each time we took her into the pool!

My clan minus two!
Yet another week has passed by and I've just not found time to update..
Weird, how when Mathew was so sick I found time hourly to update but now he's well I just find myself so busy! Really I have just forgotten to update so there is no excuse.
Thankfully our lives are wonderful at the Arrington homestead...
The children are out on summer break ! YAHOOOOOO... loving it.. It is so nice to be more relaxed and less routine going on. We've partied, had BBQs, swam, played games..
(Monopoly seems to be the highlight of our kids and Mathews day)
We've played endless games of pool.... had friends over and been to friends houses.. Summer is going to be alot of fun.
Kids are earning their STARS for doing chores...... when they get to 60 stars they get to choose a restaurant to go to with daddy and I.... Thought it would be nice to have some one on one with each child.
Sleepovers are starting so we will need to buy endless supplies of goodies and popcorn..
Ryan starts summer school on Monday for a month and all 3 older kids are being enrolled in a summer recreation program for each afternoon.. NOT that they will be going every day.. But at least they will get to do some fun stuff... PLUS it will give Mathew and I a few hours of peace..
even though Sholann will be tagging along and you never know she might get a play date every once in a while also...
Apart from this... life is going well and we look forward to some sort of vacation in the next month or so.. Camping, CA, hopefully get to a resort like the Westin....
I wish everyone a happy and safe summer...

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Amy said...

So good to hear your family is doing well!! I like that star chart idea with dinner with mom and dad reward. I might use that one.