Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekend catch up..

Ryan the helper..
Jacoby building his own firepit
Weirdo George
Daniel munching..
Jacoby and buddy Scott
Mathew was up to taking Jacoby and Ryan on the campout with our ward this Friday until Saturday and they had a blast.. ME. I got to stay home and look after the 4 other kids. Brianna got an invite to a b'day party on Saturday so she had some excitement too this past weekend..
I have decided that I do NOT like to be left home alone... The fact that I LOVE to camp didn't help matters either.
Saturday night we took the children to our neighborhood Movie at the park night... The weather was beautiful and it was so nice to hang out with the people in our neighborhood.. The movie was ok too.. National Treasure... free popcorn, soda and water.. How about that?????????
Sunday I stayed home with Jacoby who had thrown up several times the night before and continues to have fevers... (had them for over 2 weeks now on and off) We are just a bunch of sickos here...
Brianna, our foster daughter got up in Sacrament to bear her Testimony which I was thrilled to hear about but very sad I wasn't there to listen to her... There's always another time...
Ryan had a visit with his Grandmother and Aunt that he hadn't seen in many years but sadly came home confused so we needed to give him extra cuddles and let him know he is safe.
Apart from that it was a great weekend and we managed to have some "one on ones" with our kids...

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Laurel said...

I'm so sorry Jacoby was sick. I have to say that wen Brianna bore her testimony, I was a hot mess. Big, gigantic tears. What a sweet thing, and to express her appreciation for being in your home--well, what a wonderful thing you do! Bravo to your great family.