Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Where did this past week go?

Time seems to be flying by..
I have been hobbling around still and trying to go here, there and everywhere to keep up with the children..... and trying to win at POOL!!! By the way I slaughtered Mathew a few days ago.. Best I have ever played.. Before we played I told him" PREPARE TO DIE " never dreamed I would literally kill him at the game! lol lol

Mathews energy is coming back slowly but surely which I am grateful for.. He helps SO much with the children and I feel like I am finally getting a much deserved break!
The children all finish school tomorrow which I am TOTALLY excited about.. It's going to be a blast doing fun things and creating memories with them..
Life is good and I'm grateful for everything in my life..

Will update again soon..


jim said...

If my foot was that ugly, I wouldnt show it... Only Family can get away with that.


deb said...