Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Who decides to make these stinking HUGE tablets???

Ok. I have H Pylori and I have to take all these meds for it... I can't swallow them... don't even tell me to crush them.. put them in apple sauce... eat with bread or crackers... put them at the back of my throat!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just cannot swallow tablets...
The Dr gave me a second lot of tablets PYLERA as he thought they might be easier to swallow.... They are 1 inch long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! stinking huge......... AND I have to take THREE..... FOUR times a day!
What the heck are they thinking when they make these tablets? So.. ..I try and I gag... If I'm lucky enough to get it down my gullet it decides to come straight back up into the sink......!!
Not a happy camper right now.....AYE AYE AYE !!!!!!!!!!!
I've always dreaded getting sick and having to take meds that are NOT in liquid form...
Anyone know a Hypnotist!???????? lol lol

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