Wednesday, June 17, 2009

and life goes on.......

RYAN's 9th birthday
The Turcott boys
Uncle Rusty, Aunt Connie cousin Alisha and our gang..
My 9 yr old blue eyed boy!!
Sholann had FOUR shots today at her 4 yr check up and
did NOT cry.. She got 2 stars for her chart!!
The pool kids...

My handsome healthy looking hubby Mathew..
Things could have been so very different this year but thanks to chemo and meds he is in remission.... Way to go Babe!!

Daddy pretended to TRIP into the pool to get a laugh out of the kids.. NOT!!
They should stood there in disbelief... hee hee hee
This past week as much the same as last.. Nothing grandeur happening but RYAN did have a wonderful vacation with his brother and foster parents who were sweet enough to take him..
We celebrated his 9th b'day on Sunday with his cousin and Aunt and Uncle.. The Turcotts came over also... We have thoroughly enjoyed having Ryan in our lives these past 6 months as he is such a positive child and upbeat.. Always willing to do anything for you.. My blue eyed boy!!!
Jacoby hit his 60 star mark which allowed him to choose a restaurant of his choice to go to with just Mommy and Daddy!!!! His choice was The Golden Corral...... apart from the many obese children and adults there the food was scrummy and he devoured several goodies.. A little at a time because I cannot stand to see piled high plates of food!!!
It was so nice to have one on one with our Son .. We even paid for Sholann to go to daycare for the day so we could just be with him alone..
The other 2 kids Ryan and Brianna are closing in on getting their choice of restaurant to go to.. and share one on one with Mommy and Daddy..

The star CHORE chart has really helped as there has been hardly any whining at all about doing their chores.. GREAT!!!!

We took the children to Brimhall last Saturday to swim and it was wonderful as there were hardly any people there.. So glad we went and we all had a very fun time... Sholann and Christopher are learning to swim.. YEA!!! Savannah just hangs out in the zero entrance part kicking at the water and pretending to be a shark!!!
I am loving the summer break as it gives us opportunities to have some fun and spend time together..
We wish you all a very fun and safe summer...


Britany said...

Sounds like you are having a great summer! Your chore chart sounds fabulous!!

Let's talk soon!

Amy said...

That's so funny - the kids just stared at him. :-)