Tuesday, June 30, 2009


The beautiful sunset on our way home to AZ

Sharon, Joon and sweet Jada

The clan plus the clan!

My family.. Mathew, Jacoby, Sholann and of course an extra one.. Jada

My Big boy Jacoby
Making sure Sholann stayed in the water!

Jacoby introducing Sho to the Ocean..

Then running out leaving her screaming..

Mathew and I took Jacoby and Sholann to San Diego to Sea World..... The foster children went to Respite.................. We were not dragging 3 little ones around! Sholann was a pain as she didn't like this and didn't like that.. Could not go on the rides so one of us had to stay off. She HATED the ocean totally!!! What were we thinking...???
OH we were thinking that since this past year had been somewhat rough, we would go as out own little family to create memories for our children, Heaven forbid Mathews cancer came back!
The weather was awesome though I must admit the humidity is NOT for me.. Give me this dry heat anyday... Sea world was great and the rides especially Journey to Atlantis was a blast!!!!!
Apart from the one time Jacoby and I got stuck on it for 1/2 hr when it broke down!!! lol lol
We loved Shamu and the otter and sea lion shows etc etc.. One night we sat in the soak zone and YES we got soaked to the bone!!! FUN!! The things we do for our kids..
Sholann cried! Jacoby loved it...... Our kids are very different...
We took the kids to the beach on the last day and Jacoby introduced his sister to the Ocean..

Ummmmmmmmmm... she hated it... Complained that the water had salt in it.. hee hee hee
Jacoby being the brat of a brother decided that after taking Sho into the ocean ..... running out and leaving her there was a cause for laughter.. It was kind of funny.. Mean but funny..
We met with our friends, Sharon and Joon and their beautiful daughter Jada before we came home.. It was a perfect end to our vacation..
The journey to and from CA was great.. no mishaps and no being held up at the border.. Needless to say I did NOT speak for fear they keep me.... I did have my greencard with me though!!!!
All in all, a wonderful trip that I think we ALL so needed and deserved....
Thanks to our Respite families for taking care of our 4 children who sadly got left behind!!!

Roll on next summer.. Yea!!!!!!!!!!!!


Britany said...

I have been wondering how the trip went. Sounds like you had a blast!!!

The splash park is at Tempe Towne Lake. We love it there... although it can be germ-infested :).

Coleen said...

Love the pic's. Sholan sounds like Mariela. Maybe it's just the drama of girls.

Rhode Family said...

I have the opposite problem with Daniel he has no fear of water and loves the ocean and will stay in it until his lips are blue:0)

Amy said...

What a fun and well deserved trip!! I'm glad you guys were able to have such a great time. We love SeaWorld!! Great vacation for everyone.