Wednesday, June 3, 2009


How often do we think about WHAT WE HAVE?...
Today, I was thinking about this past year and all it brought into our lives.. Did it build me up or knock me down? I would not change this past year apart from losing people close to me yet remembering how GRATEFUL I am to still have Mathew here with us..
We play pool and go shopping together. We take time out to just be US sometimes by watching a movie while the kids are in bed.. Silly things that just bring us closer together..
We have wonderful family and friends.. We have the Gospel and callings... OH actually Mathew needs a calling now he is well.. HELLO BISHOPRIC!!!! lol lol
Our neighborhood is fantastic along with our school that the children love attending..
Food on our plates and beds to sleep in.. We are trying to teach our children that when they say their Prayers to make them full of gratitude rather than asking for this and asking for that..
These are troubled times but we can feel safe no matter what so long as we are prepared and doing all that we should be doing.. There should be no fear..

Enough said...... Mathew is on a "one on one" with Jacoby getting free root beer floats from Sonic.
THANK YOU Sonic.. see......... another thing to be grateful for... lol


deb said...

Mathew called today and i was grateful for that phone call even tho we talked a second as all my Moms were picking up their little guys. Tried calling him back twice and no reply. Wasn't too grateful for him ignoring me! LOL. Call me tomorrow Mat. xoxo

deb said...

Maxine i need to talk to you about lice. One of my Moms called me tonight and said her little boy might have em. I've been itching and scratching ever since. ERRRRRRRRRRRR!

Britany said...

Thanks for the reminder to be grateful! I can't hear that enough - maybe one time it will stick! :)

And thanks for offering to keep the kiddos - I just might take you up on that! :)

And by the way, things are getting better around here. I just needed your pep talk last week!