Friday, July 24, 2009

Ryans final day..

My Blue Eyed Boy RYAN!
Ryan with buddies, Scotty and Daniel

Outside playing.
Sweet and cheerful Ryan
Great friend Melissa
Beautiful flowers from The Pipitones
Plant from Connie and Russ
Aunt Edith with Ryan
Gramma Ann with Ryan

The Pipitones
(sweet family)
Denise and Tony
Aunt Connie

Gramma feeding her face
Smiley Aunt Edith
Mr Thane
Pam and Karen... Pretty Women!
Great Neighbors The Turcotts
Mr Kirk the Master Chef
Our sweet blue eyed boy left us today to go live with new foster parents and his brother..
Bitter sweet really... He needed to be with his brother but we didn't want to lose him..

We had some friends and family over for a BBQ and to say goodbyes....
I will sure miss my little boy...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cream or not...???

After licking it off....
Ha ha ha ha.. Jacoby LOVED when Daddy squirted him with whipping cream!

Sholann THOUGHT it was funny until Daddy squirted her face.. Miss Attitude!
Brianna with a runny nose! YUK!
Delicious cup cakes from sweet Sis Whatcott...
Daddy decided that the kids wanted cream on their FACE and NOT on their dessert!

Pool fun

The pyramid of life!!!!
giggling their heads off...

Jacoby and Ryan.
Sholann and daddy.. something tickled her...


Ryan dancing on the water.. lol
WOW.. look at Sholann fly through the air..
We were very thankful to use the McGonagills pool today.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Cancer Free still

Mathew and I went to see Dr Nabong, his Oncologist today and were told the bloodwork came back great indicating NO CANCER!!!

In 3 months he will have more bloodwork done, a colonoscopy and a Catscan and if all comes back clear they will take his port out...........

We are thrilled to hear this news as we know it could have turned out very differently...

Thank you to everyone for the continued Prayers.. Please keep them coming...

Thank you

Maxine and Mathew

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fun times with family..

The girls..
David and his FLIP!

The 10 ton whale........
Handsome Austin..
Cousin Dave and hubby Mathew
Daddy/ Nephew dance! lol
They fought over the Brides garter!!!
Boys will be boys!

Cousin Dave surprising us all, especially his Mom, Aunt Peggy..
The Trash Man... Jacoby helping clean up at the reception.

Another wedding... Malisa and Alex...

The Bridesmaids..
Alex, Malisa and my Mother-in-law..

The CA cousins.. Joe and Lori
silly Kathy, Alex, Malisa and Jim..

Mr and Mrs Nishijima

What a fun week it has been with weddings to go to.
Congratulations Malisa and Alex.. It was a beautiful wedding
Our family from CA came to stay with us so our hotel was FULL.... 10 extra bodies but a whole lot of laughter and fun... Our cousin David surprised us by "popping" down from Utah..

Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy 4th July..

Our sweet nephew John and his beautiful bride Adriana with their wonderful family came to our ward breakfast with us... YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Arrington Clan..
Our 5 children
(1 was visiting his brother)

Christopher who just turned 4

Savannah aged 2

Sholann aged 4

3 little angels.. (sometimes)

I may be British and I know you Americans celebrate your Independence from us

BUT REALLY........ We let you guys GO!!!..

Outta here with lol

Happy 4th July to all my family and friends in the USA!

We went to church for a wonderful ward breakfast..

Our Nephews and Nieces went with us also.... as they spent the weekend with us..

We all dressed in the red, white and blus colors..

(Note.. I do not put a U in color!)