Thursday, September 24, 2009

Our darling children



Kids running to the park... YAY!!!
Walking hand in hand

Checking out the dog POOP! ewww

My sweet kids

On our walk in the nice weather

Yesterday I said to Mathew, "Let's take the kids for a walk" as the weather was soooooooooo nice..
They were excited and got their shoes on quickly and off we went... We ended up at the park and they played for about 1 1/2 hrs enjoying the beautiful weather.. It was so fun watching them all play so happily and giggling with one another.. Just reminds me even more that these 3 children were meant to join our family. We just feel so blessed to have been chosen to adopt these 3 little miracles.. Now we have 5 beautiful children to raise and teach them all that our Heavenly Father would have us teach..
Enjoy the pictures........

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