Saturday, September 26, 2009

Our farewell to the Datuins...

Today we took all 8 children to a park in Avondale
It was a wonderful park and we had alot of FUN!!!!
The Datuins lived with us for 8 months and are doing great with their mom Stephanie
they have a new baby sister Chloe and today they all headed off to live with grandma (Renee)
in New Mexico..
We will miss them but they will always be a part of our lives forever..
Mom,Briana,Jacoby,Alex,Tyler,Joben,Kenton,Shyann and Sholann

The Matriarch
Master Alex

Alex, Briana and Daddy

Kenton, Joben and Shyann

Having fun..

Mom and Briana. so fun..
Jacoby and Alex on the teeter totter...

Bri with Kenton

What fun. Daddy, Tyler, Alex, Kenton, Mommy

We SO need a teeter totter.. it was a blast..

Tyler, Briana, Daddy and Jacoby

Pretty Sholann

Sweet Shyann

Briana and Sholann

Daddy and Joben having fun of the roller slide..


Daddy twirling Briana.. ewwwwww I wanted to puke!

Daddy twirling Alex.

Beautiful girls..

Tyler and Alex goofing around..

Joben and Kenton

My 3 beautiful girls...

The End !

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