Friday, September 11, 2009

Remembering 911



Shy and Sho




They loved their hair

All 5 of our children

Have a beautiful day.

Today I cannot believe how fast the time has flown by since 911 and how the cruel and weak killed and injured 1000s of innocent fellow Americans and many more people of other origin.
I guess most of us remember that day with heartache and sorrow and a feeling of disbelief... but I also remember how as neighbors and friends we all came together as one.
As the years have passed and each 9/11 has come and gone I've tried to remind myself of how blessed we are as a family to be here with each other... For many their lives were tragically changed forever..
This past year has been a trial as Mathew struggled with Colon Cancer and we've watched friends die of Cancer over the years but today I am thankful for everything.. the trials and heartaches and grief we have endured yet tonight I sit and listen to my precious family laughing and playing, eating their favorite Friday treat or Pizza!!!! Taking a bath outside in the inflatable little pool full of bubbles.. Meeting them at the bus stop with popsicles and seeing the faces light up with smiles as they remember this is Friday and it's treat day.. The simple things in life bring so much comfort and excitement all rolled into one...
For those that continue to serve in the Military defending our Countries.. (YES England too)! I Thank you all.....Because next Friday will come and I will get to see the smiles on the childrens faces as they get off the school bus and hand them their treats!!! Yes simple but wonderful and the memories we are creating will stay with us always...

My little family continues to grow from one to two to five... who knows? there may be another one yet to come!

Mathew is in remission, our family is growing, we have decent health, a beautiful home and know someday Mathew will be able to go back to work and life will go on as normal...
Thank you to everyone that helps my family and myself as we continue the journey forward..
The love and support has been endless and for that I am so grateful for...
May Our Heavenly Father bless each and every one of you...

Maxine x


Britany said...

Beautiful post! So glad to see that you are all adjusting so well!!!

Amy said...

I love reading about your happy family.

Prince Family said...

To the Queen!! You are amazing!! What a wonderful family! I miss seeing you!!