Friday, November 20, 2009

The Christmas tree is UP!!!!

Daddy and Jacoby with the girls after they put the tree up and decorated it..
Jacoby has placed the Angel on top for the past 12 years ......
That is HIS job!! Last year it about killed Mathew lifting him up on his shoulders..
Wonderful to see daddy pick his son up so easily AND with a smile on his face...
I have been BEGGING to have the tree put up early as last year we just did not get around to it until our friends, Kirk and The Pecks came to help!!!! Mathew was barely able to help with him being so sickly.... Now it is up and we all love it.... Time to celebrate early!!!!!!!
Due to Mathew not working, our Christmas will be more about what the real meaning is rather than what the kids will get from SANTA!!!!!
This is going to be an awesome Christmas just knowing we are all here together as a family and all is well..... This past year has been somewhat of a trial but one where the Heavens were opened and blessings poured down upon us..
Thank you again to all our wonderful ward family and friends and neighbors for the love you have shown to us throughout!
We look forward to serving others that are in need and know that as we serve our fellowmen we in turn are serving Our Heavenly father..
God Bless you all ...

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Britany said...

How fun to have your tree up! I am hoping to get ours up this weekend... Sorry we couldn't chat more yesterday. PLEASE COME BY! We should be home all weekend. Can't wait to see you!