Sunday, December 6, 2009

My son turns 12

Jacoby and Lily
My sweet 12 yr old Jacoby

Our sweet BABY turned 12 today and received the Aaronic Priesthood..
We are proud of how good a kid he is and the way he tries to be helpful and kind to those around him...
Daddy set him apart with Bishop Chatwin, Brother Alexander, Brother Wilkinson, Brother McGonagill, Brother Wicke and Brother Rowland..
He then came over to give me a kiss and hug IN FRONT of his peers!!! I love this boy..
Jacoby was especially happy to get a DOG... She is a silky terrier and her name is Lily...
Thanks to the Masseys for letting her join the Arrington Clan...
Tonight we had several visitors including Uncle Bobo and Aunt Kathy, Gramma, Jimmie and Scott... Elisabeth and her boys( she brought the most delicious strawberry, custard filled homemade cake) Margo Roberts (who brought over delicious Rum rolls) and then Uncle Jeff and Aunt Donna who brought over homemade cookies and a plate of cookies WITHOUT NUTS especially for Jacoby..
Scott, his 22 yr old cousin stayed for several hours and played games with Jacoby which totally made his birthday THE BEST!!!!
I am grateful to have a son who is tender hearted and loving and kind.. He was well worth waiting for...

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christa elyce said...

aw! i nearly cried! i'm so happy for you and Jacoby! So proud for you!