Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Catch up AGAIN !!!!!

The time flies by way too fast...

Christmas has come and gone and here we are nearing a New Year 2011..

Jacoby turned 13 on Dec 6th and it's hard to believe I actually have a teenager... However, he is the best teen I know and a straight A student, a worthy member of our Church and there's nothing like seeing your son pass the Sacrament knowing that somehow we might have done a good job with raising him :)

His siblings adore him though Sholann (5) gives him such a hard time..

He's old enough to BABYSIT!!!!!!!!!!!! yay yay!

Though we have to threaten Sholann to behave or else!!!!!!!

Christmas was wonderful.. We had Mathews Mom come stay Christmas eve to sleepover so she could be here to see what SANTA brought for the children..

We all had alot of fun and laughter..

Played games, ate and ate some more !

Mathew is strong though still struggles with energy. or lack of it should I say..

The Cancer and Chemo wore him out BUT it is great to think he has been Cancer free for over a year now.. Feeling truly blessed that he still is here with us and that after 2 years of spending every day together since his diagnosis of Colon Cancer we are STILL happy and content to be husband and wife..

In fact I kinda have to admit that when he does finally go back to work, I will miss him so much!

2011 is going to be a great year because I'm determined we will make the

most of it.. All that comes our way we will deal with in a positive manner..

Life is too precious to not take each moment and live it to the fullest..

These last 2 years have taught me so much and I am grateful for the knowledge I have gained because of it..

My husband and children are my life. I love being a stay at home mom..

Giving up fostercare has been a difficult decision for me yet I knew it needed to happen in order for our latest 3 we adopted to be stable and not see children coming and going out of our home.. To stop them thinking, "When is it our turn to leave"?!

I miss Ramon and Daniel so badly still and hope some day they WILL be a part of our family again in body and not just in Spirit...

Thank you to my family and friends for enduring our lives and trials with us.. Without you I don't know how I could have handled things the way I did..

All I can say is



Thank you for reading my blog and 2011 I will for sure be adding more more often..

Monday, November 1, 2010

Time to catch up...

Has it REALLY been that long since I posted on here.. Wow Valentines hey!???

Ok to update.. Mathew is GREAT..Been cancer free for 1 year now and looking fat and feeling happy.. LOL

Since February Mathew and I adopted our 3 foster children now known as

Joben Gabe

Kenton Max

Shyann Aleah Hope

adding to my other children of

Mathew jnr

Jacoby LeGrand Sherrard

Sholann Olivia Faith

We adopted them on June 30th 2010 and then took them to the Temple to be sealed to us for Time and all Eternity in the 10th July 2010 after having Joben Baptized earlier in the day...

BEAUTIFUL day and it was wonderful to have family and friends join us for this incredible event :)

Who would have thought 2 years ago that we would have been adding to our already beautiful family!

We are so blessed....
Jacoby is in 7th grade at the jnr high..
Joben in 2nd grade
Kenton in 1st grade
Shyann and Sholann in Kindergarten but separate classrooms...
I could not have picked a more beautiful family..
Daniel and Ramon are still a part of our family even though we don't get to see or hear from them..
I will try to upload more pictures as I find them as my computer went on the blink and now I can't find the 1000s of pictures I had.. :(
Catch up with you soon and be sure to visit the blog often..
Thank you
Maxine x

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I'm back

Just wanted to say that Mathew is doing great.. Fat and happy as we call it :) :)
Will be putting more pictures on of our family soon...

Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy belated Valentines day to all

Our Valentines Tree

The kids love that we left up our Christmas tree and will decorate accordingly each month
Shyann and Sholann ready for their Valentines party at school

My 2 little cuties

Joben, Shyann, Kenton and Sholann ready for church on Sunday!

Our children had fun parties at school this past week for Valentines except for Jacoby our 12 yr old.. No LOVE in the 6th grade allowed at his school! (Phew.... I like that) Instead of taking goodies to school for others Jacoby decided he had to take some candy for himself so he wouldn't feel left out when other grades were eating! The thoughts of a 12 yr old!
Mathew and I went to a wonderful get together with some couples from our Ward on saturday and ate while we chatted then after, we went to our Adult ward dance (prom)..
What a BLAST.... We danced and danced and Mathew danced with women whose husbands were either not able to make it or didn't want to dance!!!! Then I danced with a guy whose wife was unable to dance to faster music due to being pregnant!! I informed Mathew that now we would be known as THE SWINGERS of the ward for stealing someone elses spouse to dance with! LOL.
Our ward family is FUN and eager to laugh.. We are so blessed that Mathew is still with us and feeling so much better than he was and seemingly getting stronger by the day!
Apart from dizzy spells and some headaches life is pretty good for him..
On Sunday we got our children dressed for church and headed off to a wonderful Valentines day at Sacrament listening to beautiful inspired talks.. Our Youth never cease to amaze me as they give their wonderfully prepared talks... Where else do we find children from a few years of age ready and eager to say Prayers and give Talks and speak in front of 100 plus people???
The Gospel is true!
Happy Valentines to all and hope you all find the time to give your spouse a hug full of love and remind them of how much you love them!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Time has flown by

YES!!!!! We are WEIRD!!!!

Wow....... I cannot believe it has been 2 months since I posted something on here..
Let me wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR and hope you all had a wonderful Christ filled Christmas..
Mathew is still in remission which we are totally thrilled about.. It still amazes me how so differently it could have turned out!
We go to see his Oncologist Dr Nabong every 3 months and each time we are grateful to hear the good news that all is well..

Mathew put back on the weight he lost and MORE!!!!.. I try to convince him everytime he plunges a Big Mac into his mouth to STOP and eat healthier foods... The fruit and veg's just don't cut it for him!!!!!!

Thanks to all the delicious food that was brought to us during his battle with Cancer, I too had put on weight and happy to say I am finally at my 10 lbs mark with another 10 lbs to go....

Our children are wonderful and such a blessing to us..
Jacoby turned 12 in Dec..
Joben just turned 8 and cannot wait to be Baptised..
Kenton is 6 and doing great and is reading so much better..
Shyann turned 5 and is so happy to have a sister close to her age..
Sholann is 4 and doing so much better at school and has come out of her shell having her sibs to hang out with..

We had another addition of a silky terrier.. Lilly.. She is by my side morning noon and sometimes night when I sneak into Jacobys room and steal her to bring into my bed....!!!

Mathew went for a sleep study so I am living in hope that they will give him a C PAP Machine..
One of these days I swear he will stop breathing for good during his sleep.. Scares me to death...

Me.....? ummmm well I keep myself busy even though I am a stay at home Mom.. Plenty of chores to do and going into the childrens classes at school to help out.. I am a Webelos leader for our cub scouts and love every moment of it working with the boys!

I take a small gift to all the Sisters in our Ward on their b'days... We don't want anyone to think we don't care about them... What an awesome ward we have...

The Christmas tree is STILL UP and is now decorated with HEARTS for Valentines...
Roll on St. Patricks day!!!

Well, that's us caught up somewhat and I need to get back into posting on here...

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog.. Love to all Maxine :)