Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy belated Valentines day to all

Our Valentines Tree

The kids love that we left up our Christmas tree and will decorate accordingly each month
Shyann and Sholann ready for their Valentines party at school

My 2 little cuties

Joben, Shyann, Kenton and Sholann ready for church on Sunday!

Our children had fun parties at school this past week for Valentines except for Jacoby our 12 yr old.. No LOVE in the 6th grade allowed at his school! (Phew.... I like that) Instead of taking goodies to school for others Jacoby decided he had to take some candy for himself so he wouldn't feel left out when other grades were eating! The thoughts of a 12 yr old!
Mathew and I went to a wonderful get together with some couples from our Ward on saturday and ate while we chatted then after, we went to our Adult ward dance (prom)..
What a BLAST.... We danced and danced and Mathew danced with women whose husbands were either not able to make it or didn't want to dance!!!! Then I danced with a guy whose wife was unable to dance to faster music due to being pregnant!! I informed Mathew that now we would be known as THE SWINGERS of the ward for stealing someone elses spouse to dance with! LOL.
Our ward family is FUN and eager to laugh.. We are so blessed that Mathew is still with us and feeling so much better than he was and seemingly getting stronger by the day!
Apart from dizzy spells and some headaches life is pretty good for him..
On Sunday we got our children dressed for church and headed off to a wonderful Valentines day at Sacrament listening to beautiful inspired talks.. Our Youth never cease to amaze me as they give their wonderfully prepared talks... Where else do we find children from a few years of age ready and eager to say Prayers and give Talks and speak in front of 100 plus people???
The Gospel is true!
Happy Valentines to all and hope you all find the time to give your spouse a hug full of love and remind them of how much you love them!


Britany said...

The prom was a blast - you guys are so much fun!

christa elyce said...

Valentine's day is huge over there! I never have ever thought of having a tree up all year round but i love the way you decorated it! I'm excited to see more holiday photos!

christa elyce said...

Aw thanks for your comments on our disney world trip! Can't wait to see you!