Monday, November 1, 2010

Time to catch up...

Has it REALLY been that long since I posted on here.. Wow Valentines hey!???

Ok to update.. Mathew is GREAT..Been cancer free for 1 year now and looking fat and feeling happy.. LOL

Since February Mathew and I adopted our 3 foster children now known as

Joben Gabe

Kenton Max

Shyann Aleah Hope

adding to my other children of

Mathew jnr

Jacoby LeGrand Sherrard

Sholann Olivia Faith

We adopted them on June 30th 2010 and then took them to the Temple to be sealed to us for Time and all Eternity in the 10th July 2010 after having Joben Baptized earlier in the day...

BEAUTIFUL day and it was wonderful to have family and friends join us for this incredible event :)

Who would have thought 2 years ago that we would have been adding to our already beautiful family!

We are so blessed....
Jacoby is in 7th grade at the jnr high..
Joben in 2nd grade
Kenton in 1st grade
Shyann and Sholann in Kindergarten but separate classrooms...
I could not have picked a more beautiful family..
Daniel and Ramon are still a part of our family even though we don't get to see or hear from them..
I will try to upload more pictures as I find them as my computer went on the blink and now I can't find the 1000s of pictures I had.. :(
Catch up with you soon and be sure to visit the blog often..
Thank you
Maxine x