Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2012 The Arrington Clan





My darling children..

Daddy with his Eternal family (minus me)

50 wow... I look old!!!! lol

still kicking strong though! Got 5 kids to raise..

Well, here I am again finally.. Thought I had better get clucking and say hello to all of my followers...

2011 was a great year with 5 children and 1 healthy husband..

Mathew now only has to go the Oncologist Dr Nabong YEARLY!!!!! Yay.. Who would have thought we'd be this healthy and strong.. It doesn't seem morthat long ago that the Cancer was found and that our lives would be turned upside down and totally back again!

Despite Mathews weakened kidneys (he was born with Reflux) giving him a setback with Urinary Tract infections, he has had an amazing year..

Sadly, since the chemo he still struggles with lack of energy, he still deals with Neuropathy and dizziness... It's weird also because sometimes his milk will taste FIZZY like it used to when he was going through the chemo.. He tries to work 1 day a week and then play racket ball twice a week to get him stamina back.. It washes him out though so he has to take time to relax and gain his energy back.. ( I think he just likes being retired)

2012 is going to be a GREAT year for our family, no matter what because I say so !!!!

I turned the big 50 in November and can still do cartwheels..... ha ha

I really believe you are aold as you feel.... and I feel blessed to have good health and 5 beautiful children to raise with my husband..

We celebrated our 17th Wedding anniversary on New Years Eve with a party in our cul-de-sac.. Inflatable slide, firepits roaring, food (plenty of it), hot chocolate, music, dancing and fireworks...

We have great friends and neighbors who joined in the fun..

Jacoby turned 14 in December and towers over me... I can still reach up and tug the back of his hair if he gets lippy though!!! He is a wonderful son, one I am extremely proud of and love with all of my heart.. He still is a MOMMYS boy!

Joben turns 10 this month.. He is my little Tender Heart, always ready to give cuddles and love to.. Since adopted him he has come along so very much in school and though he is small in stature is has a HUGE heart! That's my boy!

Kenton who is 8 and was Baptised in June last year has come along in school, especially with reading and writing.. He questions EVERYTHING and I think some day will turn me INSANE.. However his sweet freckled face and his gorgeous eyes keeps my heart in love with him..

Shyann, ummmm my little girl that just turned 7.. Even though she struggles at school and is having speech therapy, she has the sweetest disposition.. Always loving and kind and usually the peacemaker.. She is still SHY (her name fits her well) but is learning to trust people and is coming out of her shell more... She loves to dance and sing and pose in the mirrors !!! ha ha

Sholann.... what can I say!??? She is the youngest of the group and yet SHE determines what the kids will do today and tomorrow and is my bossy little girl.. Getting sneakier by the minute and knows how to tell lies!!! She rules the roost .. So she thinks!

She has taught me that BULLIES are WEAK... a shame my youngest is teaching me that.. BUT, she is the most humorous child you could ever wish to meet and keeps us laughing and rolling over with tears coming down our cheeks.. Very headstrong and doing excellent at school and is reading chapter books..

Lilly our amazing little girl (silky terrier) is the love of our lives.. My little shadow and bed partner! ha ha ha

We started this year with fireworks and hope to celebrate it at the end of year the same way..

As we have learned..... our lives can change at any time... so we all need to make the most of every day we are giving on this Earth... have fun, laugh, enjoy friends and family, create memories for our children and ourselves, reach out to others, do all that we can do to improve our lives physically, mentally, emotionally and Spritually..

I try to do ONE good deed a day for someone and teach my children to help others that might be less fortunate than we are and my biggest belief is that they learn by EXAMPLE! Let our weaknesses become our strengths, that our dark moments and trials become our stepping stones to something new and better...

My hope and Prayer is that 2012, no matter what it brings our way, we will at the end of the Year give Thanks that we were able to come through it all with a smiling face, a lifted heart and faith to move forward onto the New Year..

Please stop by and check out my blog.. I hope I can post on here all that will uplift and inspire you.. To make you smile.



Maranda Whittle said...

That was a cute little update on the kids!

Amy Null said...

Thanks for the update - so glad everyone is doing well and healthy! And you do not look anywhere near 50 :)